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  • Ryan

    If guy in second would have bet all of it as he should have, he would have won by $1

  • rob robert
    rob robert

    Wait....they call THAT "beating his chest"??? People suck SO BAD!

  • MasterDoge987

    Which is a greater accomplishment - winning 7 games of Jeopardy in a row, or getting to troll Ken Jennings?

  • All panthers
    All panthers

    Amazing dawg

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G

    I want Ryan to win the entire TOC.

  • Denis Huffstutler
    Denis Huffstutler

    So do you think in the year 2061 anybody is going to remember songs from movies from the '20s?

  • themonkeyhand

    Bet they wished they picked that cat earlier, way easy questions.

  • themonkeyhand

    Pretty easy, the secondary clues made it doable for non-gamers.

  • Nashvillain

    Boring host

  • Travis Korolyov
    Travis Korolyov

    Kabaragoya grew up

  • Theology Matters
    Theology Matters

    Smart people don't play videogames

  • chicken2jail

    I didn't think Buzzy would be very good, but I'm pleasantly surprised. He's doing a great job!

  • bluebear1985

    Not one clue was written by Sean Connery. A bit disappointing. 😁😁😁😆😆😆

  • Seth_K20

    Sad the only one I got was the Assassin's Creed one.

  • afmeister

    yahoo news is of course complaining about this... and yet no one cares. They also turned off comments on their articles which says a lot LOL

    • Josh SteinJohnston
      Josh SteinJohnston

      Yep, that's what brought me here. Is EVERYTHING "problematic?"

  • Hose B
    Hose B

    Surely, Veronica has that picture framed and hanging in her house!

  • richard mulcahy
    richard mulcahy

    NO More Guest Hosts Just want Alex Trebek back to host Jeopardy

    • richard mulcahy
      richard mulcahy

      @TheEnlightenedNevadan Is Alex Trebek Returning or Not Returning

    • TheEnlightenedNevadan

      Tell me about it. I only wish we could resurrect Alex :( .

  • Mando Mike
    Mando Mike

    People that got offended or gave this guy shit, never played a first person shooter video game before. Never apologize for something you say when you're forced to by social media.

  • Julian Harley
    Julian Harley

    Now, if there was only a young juggernaut

  • Fitness Trainer Joey2
    Fitness Trainer Joey2

    Would have swept the category and only that since I don't know jack about the other ones lol

  • B Noakes
    B Noakes

    We couldn't stand him as a contestant but we agreed he did just fine his first time in the seat. Prior to him we thought Mike Richards was the best, not impressed with the upcoming line up Austin Rogers should be in the mix

  • Jermaine Simmons
    Jermaine Simmons

    Catch JEOPARDY every night at 7:00pm on WBFF FOX 45

  • Jeffrey Bate
    Jeffrey Bate

    You did better today than yesterday. Keep it up or I hopeful that White girl have high amount among non-winner to advance.

  • bryanlaabs

    I wonder if they took points away during the break she said fast and furious and not fast and the furious

  • Michael Caz
    Michael Caz

    Ryan Bilger = Worst Sportsmanship I have ever seen on this show. I will Root-hard Against him.

  • Nashvillain

    This host's voice just puts me to sleep.

  • gotham23us

    Wagering based on the assumption that he wouldn't know the answer was a bad bet, particularly in that category.

  • Ikilled ColMustard
    Ikilled ColMustard

    I like her she is beautiful and smart.

  • Willy Limy
    Willy Limy

    Fantastic Job to Ryan👏👏

  • Mining Flame
    Mining Flame

    Ok but how did no one get battle royale?? You don't even have to play fortnite to know that one

  • Jerri Tanner
    Jerri Tanner

    Excellent job, Buzzy! Energy, pace, humor & everything else was perfect. You make me smile & would be a great permanent host!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Aaron Rodgers? Random, but I'm ok with it.

  • Roamer M
    Roamer M

    Ryan came back to play. Jason worried me a great deal, but he managed to come back and win a strong wildcard position. As for Sarah and the powers that be, this is what happens when you screw with the patriarchy and the rules. Go shove your feminist agenda up in your lower front hole.

    • Roamer M
      Roamer M

      @jc4L i have a superstitious belief that when a woman wins, life becomes chaotic.

    • jc4L

      I didn't know people were this invested in Jeopardy. It's like someone has taken a cheap shot at your favorite hockey player or something. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I respect the passion

  • Justin Webster
    Justin Webster

    How many prominent writers famously served time in prison in the 1890s? Had no idea about Melmoth but I immediately thought of Oscar Wilde

  • Charles Lumia
    Charles Lumia

    Great game! Holy moly he played like a monster

  • Eric Lindsey
    Eric Lindsey

    Twisted Sister a great band? I want some of what this host is smoking!

  • Broncos Breaks
    Broncos Breaks

    I got all of them right....except the ones I got wrong

  • Frenite

    I was wrong

  • Robin Kohl
    Robin Kohl

    Who are Queen?

    • Robin Kohl
      Robin Kohl


  • Bill Tree
    Bill Tree

    Only one I got wrong was the last one 🤦‍♂️

  • Benjamin Lake
    Benjamin Lake

    I knew all of these except the ostriches one

  • The Neiman Channel
    The Neiman Channel

    Buzzy is good

  • C C
    C C

    Love his energy!

  • AP

    When Animal Crossing is the answer to a Jeopardy question. So wholesome!

  • Erdem Memisyazici
    Erdem Memisyazici

    lol the way they presented it it looks like someone told this guy, "If you're so smart why are you a bartender?"

  • AP

    When Jeopardy throws a wrench in the design of a question like special episodes in TV shows.

  • Math Whiz742
    Math Whiz742

    RIP Alex.


    The Elder Scrolls Series

  • NebraskaFan77

    People were getting so butthurt by him. It's like a baseball team got pissed at an opposing teams player for breaking one of the "unwritten rules" same thing with Jeopardy it seems. Hope Ryan kicks ass next week.

    • MasterDoge987

      @TheEnlightenedNevadan I didn’t even understand what he said since I didn’t have closed captions

    • TheEnlightenedNevadan

      @MasterDoge987 While I do think the backlash to what Ryan did last night was perhaps a little overboard and maybe even uncalled for in some instances, I can definitely understand the criticism. His "I'm going for the kill" line and the following chest pound was quite a cringe moment and I can definitely see why that turned some people off of him.

    • MasterDoge987

      That’s the thing. If you defeat a Jeopardy giant in any way, you’re gonna get flak for it.

  • Tristan Gardner
    Tristan Gardner

    Don't forget, Buzzy, you helped give everybody at Jeopardy! a great time, such a great time, in fact, that even Johnny Gilbert got a good laugh out of it.

  • that one dakota is at it again
    that one dakota is at it again

    Am I the only one whos a little mad that they didnt mention about Brayden Smith?

  • KodyJett1

    Did they really do the hard question as $200 and the easy questions as $600 and $800?

  • RedThunderDan

    Wow for once I did worse than the players on a video game subject. I didnt know the last one


    Jason was my pick but he did not win but he might get a wild card spot.

    • jfryza

      He likely will with today's results he is already past 3 of the potential wild cards and only needs to outscore 6.

  • Paris

    Ryan owned them, I don’t know if anyone in the ToC can beat him.

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley

    I have no idea who this host is

    • meg

      buzzy cohen! he won the 2017 tournament of champions :)

  • Jon Evans
    Jon Evans

    Buzzy is a much better choice than “Dr. Oz” or Anderson Cooper.

    • Nancy Austin
      Nancy Austin

      Think Anderson was best so far. Not a real fan of his personally, but his demeanor as host was very good.

  • R. B. Smada
    R. B. Smada

    I was worried Jason wouldn't wager everything. Once I saw he got it right I was like come on man, and then I cheered when they showed his wager.

  • Angela Decesare
    Angela Decesare

    I ❤ Buzzy!

  • EvilGenius 97
    EvilGenius 97

    Awe.. It was really easy.

  • Van Groover
    Van Groover

    What is scary, Alex? A: people commenting on how impressive it is that a Jeopardy contestant can multiply 41 by 5 and get the right answer. This isn't The Gong Show, people.

  • Jade Riley
    Jade Riley

    This just proves that the reason why Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay is because they didn’t kick that field goal

  • Rob James
    Rob James

    I'm a Blade Runner fan. Yet I still guessed "Razor Run"

  • Rob James
    Rob James

    Why Is Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing always together??

  • Rob James
    Rob James

    -"What is Zelda?" -"Give me something more" -"ok, well Link is given an ocarina that can control time when he plays it, and splits the timeline........"

  • Neil

    Buzz did a great job hosting, not overly animated, or soft spoken, speaks clearly and articulately. He kinda reminds me of David Byrnes from the 80's pop group, the "Talking Heads" 😊

    • Lu Keigh
      Lu Keigh

      The name of the band is actually Talking Heads, no "the"

  • Neil

    Ryan was going through those clues so quickly and accurately, I thought I was watching James Holzhauer there for a second! Plus he's not afraid to gamble, love that! 👍😁

    • Neil

      @Roamer M He has a pretty vast knowledge base for such a young person, you're right, I think he will do well also, if not win it! 👍😊

    • Roamer M
      Roamer M

      Ryan has a VERY good record with daily doubles and right responses. I think he'll end up being in the finals.

    • Chris Finch
      Chris Finch

      Gambling with that boy is a much more bigger story. After all, he’s not like any other contestant I’ve seen, other than Ken- he didn’t always wager big, but he did make $2.5M, just like James, but just under $60K. Both those guys, have bigger stories, but Ryan? Not like theirs, but still a memorable one.

  • ArTiC Archer
    ArTiC Archer

    Pokèmon for 1000 this food commonly confused with onigiri is actaully a type of baked good.

  • Stefan Tabit
    Stefan Tabit

    This is like speaking a different language if you don't know what's going on

  • Маша Паракина
    Маша Паракина

    I’m usually good with capitals, but this one stumped me!😆 Also, I hope Bill officially becomes the new host. I can imagine Alex watching from Heaven…he’d be so proud.

  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter

    Twisted Sister? On your uniform?

  • Caleb Fielding
    Caleb Fielding

    Atlas shrugged, ayn rand should be the easiest one on the list.

  • Kevron Harris
    Kevron Harris

    I miss Alex Trebek. 😢😢😢

  • ValensBellator

    Little surprised none of them got the penguin? You don’t even need to know the character to get that answer lol

  • Julio Munoz
    Julio Munoz

    Who is Freddy FELLATIO?

  • Brodie2005 TheGamer
    Brodie2005 TheGamer

    It's now a triple tie between Ken Jennings, Aaron Rodgers & Buzzy Cohen

  • Arvydus Sibonus
    Arvydus Sibonus

    Good god this host is awful. His delivery and cadence are just amateurish.

  • Troy Danielson
    Troy Danielson

    I'd immediately fall asleep if you were the host. I'm actually falling asleep right now listening to you babble on and on.

  • Maverick McKee
    Maverick McKee

    Oh...not Ancient Geeks...

  • TRX

    Jason looks like Nicholas Cage if he wasn’t skinny af