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  • Heeby

    dana: (absolutely killing it with the color questions) john: blue + green = red

  • JackBond1234

    When I hear blue-green, I don't immediately think of garnets...

  • Grumpy Old Man
    Grumpy Old Man

    Woke Jeopardy? Sure didn't take long for the show to go to hell after Alex left us.

  • TRX

    I didn’t know who the host was so seeing Anderson Cooper kind of surprised me

  • Whereis Yourfather
    Whereis Yourfather


  • ken karwoski
    ken karwoski

    Very colorful category!

  • mogeroithe

    A/C ruins that show. Somehow his personality just takes the life out of what used to be a fun show to watch.

  • Rich Castle
    Rich Castle

    You guys should grow some balls and said “I’m sorry, this is the gesture I truly intended....🖕” But okay 👌... u guys do whatever u want😂

    • TheEnlightenedNevadan

      I've had suspicions for a while now that libtards have completely taken over Jeopardy and turned it into a leftist friendly quiz show... But this has 100% confirmed it.

  • Becky Shaver
    Becky Shaver

    Is Anderson Cooper still hosting? I can’t wait till he’s through so I can watch Jeopardy again. I miss it but he is a horrible host

    • Mehul Rangbulla
      Mehul Rangbulla

      Is it coz he’s liberal?

    • TheEnlightenedNevadan

      I say if Jeopardy caves into the woke leftist mob and apoligizes for a man making an excited gesture after winning 3 games, I won't be watching anymore period.

  • Emrys Wyllt
    Emrys Wyllt

    If you bow to the weirdos on twitter it WILL be the beginning of the end of probably the most popular game show in history! The 99% are tired of it and happy to change the channel when the train leaves the station no fools will be suffered! Friendly warning! Grow a spine!🇺🇸☠🇺🇸

  • Hillary Jong-un
    Hillary Jong-un


  • TheEnlightenedNevadan

    If 500 contestants are stupid and woke enough to sign onto a letter demanding a man apologize for daring to hold three fingers to signify his victory (based off the false pretense that the "OK hand gesture is racist!" that was LITERALLY nothing more than a joke by 4Chan designed to expose how moronic leftists are, and it clearly worked), then I'm done watching this show. I can't give my viewership anymore to a bunch of leftist cucked producers who actually cave into and showcase contestants and guest hosts like that. I was happy to support Alex Trebek during his fight for cancer, but none of the guest hosts have excited me, and with this woke BS being the cherry on top I just can't do this anymore. I don't even care who wins the TOC now. Hopefully this show goes broke like all the other shows/corporations that cave into the woke madness.

  • Jeffrey Bate
    Jeffrey Bate

    Boy, this kelly Donahue gesture really grind people gears since Tuesdays show.

  • Jeffrey Bate
    Jeffrey Bate

    Wow! Emily won for the second day, and 4th win for white woman.i don't know if it has something to do afterwards for a kelly Donahue white thing happened on Tuesday or something else. Anderson cooper did better on the second week than the other parts of April.

  • Alec Damsell
    Alec Damsell

    Well I guess the Woke mob runs your company as well? Good to know!

    • TheEnlightenedNevadan

      Tell me about it. I'm done watching this f***ing show. If 500 contestants are stupid enough to actually sign on to this, then that tells me that this show has been taken over by the leftist cultists.

  • chad ho
    chad ho

    Color was okay.

  • Frenite

    I got 1/5 correct

  • jason starek
    jason starek

    Cooper has no personality, he’s just kind of occupying space. Which is probably why people who are permanently outraged like him...he’s empty, there’s nothing that could offend.

    • Neil

      Thankfully, we only have three more days of him. 😁

  • jason starek
    jason starek

    Meh, weird topic and answers. Got 3, but all were guesses.

  • Marybeth Duke
    Marybeth Duke


    • Neil

      Bill Whitaker next week should be interesting, I always enjoy his interviews on 60 minutes. 👍

    • Neil

      He was OK for a couple weeks, I wouldn't want to watch him every night though, his voice is very bland and monotone, just my opinion. 🤷‍♂️😒

    • CTRail1996

      I bet Tom Bergeron will guest host

  • New temp Phone-Ash
    New temp Phone-Ash

    yeees 3

  • Mark Uyeda
    Mark Uyeda

    Very colorful.

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