Stephen Curry Hits 11th Three Then Gets Double Teamed At HALF COURT & Still Pulls Up For HEAT CHECK

  • mackoy Sa
    mackoy Sa

    They think their best PG is better than steph. But nah. Double or triple teamed steph and he can still drop 60points in your face

  • EI Mez
    EI Mez

    My mvp

  • Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson

    If you were to replace the irl steph with his 2016 videogame self that would somehow be a downgrade😂💯

  • Pat S
    Pat S

    LeBron’s 3s are better because he is 36 years old - ESPN

  • Jemuel Dumo
    Jemuel Dumo

    tanduay rum is in usa?

  • Lubiano Ronald
    Lubiano Ronald

    This dude is not human🔥

  • Dhax 17
    Dhax 17

    Why Stephen Curry is more impressive compared to LBJ?

  • schoolblitz

    Steph plays like a videogame character. This guy is unreal

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo

    🤣🤣🤣 So inspirational

  • JinX HijacK
    JinX HijacK

    Curry is doing even more than he was doing his mvp seasons people just can’t realize that he’s better than jokic in the mvp talk because his team is 8th if curry had klay and a full healthy roster his team would easily be top 4

  • LE HS
    LE HS

    Steph MVP 2021

  • Goku Black Santa Claus
    Goku Black Santa Claus

    Exactly same the way I play on NBA2K but Curry did it in real life wow. Crazy, smooth skills.

  • stephen wardell
    stephen wardell

    its not about the score rather the championship

  • EJoseph8

    Bro its the fans that makes me hyped.

  • Onetazien

    100 - 61 3rd quarter!?

  • kram mago
    kram mago

    Steph is better than 2k unreal.!

  • A B
    A B


  • TheOtherView

    Curry is top five shooters all time. Absolutely for sure. Don’t tell me otherwise.

  • Xd Xd
    Xd Xd


  • JREADZ 187
    JREADZ 187

    Dude really did a freethrow bounce before draining a deep ass three over two defenders🤯 (👶🏼🐐)

  • Margarita Rojas
    Margarita Rojas


  • pruh

    imagine he got guarded like every other nba player and got foul calls like them too he'd be averaging 40

  • fahmi shaibi
    fahmi shaibi

    That wasn’t double team. That was the whole team trying to guard him still makes it.

  • Ryan Chin
    Ryan Chin

    So he technically kinda got 12 threes

  • Mr. Yuso
    Mr. Yuso

    Pro gamer : Curry Team : Bunch of noobs

  • Jay Gunny
    Jay Gunny

    Curry is a GOD!

  • joey y
    joey y

    Another casual day from curry

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    Curry could save the NBA. ESPN needs to stop backing LeChump and backing Steph instead. BTW it is worth noting that Steph has voiced some woke political opinions....just not hate filled stupid ones. He wants justice, not dead white cops. That's the difference between himself and LeChump.

  • Kazeon

    00:23 Mulder's reaction says it all lol

  • T’Robert Smif
    T’Robert Smif

    did Kerr not let him play the 4th again? Come on man... let the man beat Klay's 14 in a game

  • Yunan

    That's 4 defenders in the vicinity

  • Mbonisi Tshuma
    Mbonisi Tshuma

    Steph was supposed to get a tech there. These people he's knocking these 3's on also have families and people who love them dearly.

  • Mary Gold Laburada
    Mary Gold Laburada


  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson

    We are blessed to witness Step play in our lifetime. No other player makes me adjust my schedule to watch him. Simply the best shooter EVER... MVP this year definitely..

  • Lorenzo Jones
    Lorenzo Jones

    MVP is a personal award for one person. Championships is a team award. They have given coach awards and the team did not win the championship. Stephen Curry is MVP this year. And I’m a LeBron James fan...

  • ZIna Dennis
    ZIna Dennis

    Mr. globetrotter

  • Chris Rangel
    Chris Rangel

    We need Klay back!!! We'd be the favorites right now... Soon 😈

  • Ace Palle
    Ace Palle

    This kid is not even in his primest prime yet

  • Carlzhon Tv
    Carlzhon Tv

    Nice curry your a superhuman shooter nice 👌👌

  • Recent Items
    Recent Items

    He can't do that in front of Gian Mamuyac!

  • Clark Sanchez
    Clark Sanchez

    He's a video game

  • Matthew JC
    Matthew JC

    If Curry was on the knicks thooooo!

  • andrew cowles
    andrew cowles

    I'm a sixers fan but God damn curry I think you got my mvp vote my man. Good luck on the play in game 🎯

  • hope

    he is a glitch in the matrix. They forgot to put a level cap in the skill attribute.

  • Aljun Bnt
    Aljun Bnt

    God made his shooting game slider 89 percent. 🤣


    Curry is on 🔥🔥🔥

  • Perspective is Life not lie
    Perspective is Life not lie

    The 🏀 is the soul, or semen from your dad. The basket is the portal or star gate, from your mom. The ball (you because you are semen) goes in the portal ( hi mom) then exit out. They call it a score, I call it life


    Steph made okc look like a g league team

  • kc casem
    kc casem

    LOL. its so amazing, it's funny

  • Perspective is Life not lie
    Perspective is Life not lie

    Basketball = Birth Basketball is an entertaining way to show you birth. The ball is the soul. The semen. It goes in the basket aka the portal, once inside it comes out. Like a baby from birth.

  • Wavveyy Vibez
    Wavveyy Vibez

    Yea you have people who hate curry but like what?... that’s just not real

  • Piloteering Overlander
    Piloteering Overlander

    But it's not at all fun basketball to watch. Yea it's crazy how great he can shoot, but the 3 pointer had ruined the game.

  • illegal Lemur
    illegal Lemur

    That man up front paid hundreds of dollars to experience that exact moment. Stand up and do the double three sign after curry does some crazy shit.

  • I'mKydding

    Klay: Coach, Can you stop Curry from.breaking my record? Kerr: I got you homie


    I love Mulder's reaction 😂 he's like "WTF!!? Not again!!" 😂

  • michael bennet
    michael bennet

    Ray Allen scared now

  • Yvonne Wallace
    Yvonne Wallace


  • Shrenik Chopra
    Shrenik Chopra

    Watch Mychal Mulder reaction..... That says it all

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander

    Okc and Houston must hate playing gs when curry is playing.

  • Tepong Kyuri
    Tepong Kyuri

    0:19 my boi with the massive carry/travel but i dont care my boy is an alien lmaooo

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke

    Steph Curry should be the MVP this year! Lets set aside their standing, Steph Surpass all of the Categories of Being an MVP hes above to that. Hes the most Valuable Player in NBA rn. Without curry Warriors is a trash Team

  • Unknown


  • J Nob
    J Nob

    Steph is the coldest in the game

  • carole pasion-capan
    carole pasion-capan

    Nobody can stop steph curry because he is the monster and he deserves mvp and scoring champion

  • Edgar Cruz
    Edgar Cruz

    He is an 👽.

  • Norsheba Balindong
    Norsheba Balindong

    He is clearly the clear cut MVP. Reached 8th seed after being 15th seed at the start of the season with just his scoring.

  • D Raynelly
    D Raynelly

    Imagine this with a warriors fan crowd..Idk this guy's crazy

  • Foot Whisperer
    Foot Whisperer

    STEPH and WESTBROOK are the most entertaining, hard working players that Ever played basketball.

  • Hanfuri

    moulder made a - “if this will shot go in, i will not believe myself” - reaction lmao 🤣

  • Muhaymeen Abdul Kareem
    Muhaymeen Abdul Kareem

    Seems like Kerr don't want Steph to score 70 or more. HODL

  • 最終兵器彼氏

    Look at Curry man, he ruins NBA and saves NBA

  • Tavares Mccree
    Tavares Mccree

    Magnetic rim

  • M Li
    M Li

    That score is a murder

  • Aints Gonna Happen
    Aints Gonna Happen

    Momma there goes that man! Mark Jackson

  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge

    Imagine if dame, klay, and steph with draymond in one team.

  • Mark Aranita
    Mark Aranita

    Give this man the mvp a guy literally breaks Kareem record then pulls this crap off every night is amazing best shotter ever

  • Sijan Lamichhane
    Sijan Lamichhane

    This shot made me most hyped in today's game But didn't count

  • Azaraiyah Yasharahla
    Azaraiyah Yasharahla

    And they calling boring ass LBJ the 🐐 🤔

  • Montgomery Ward
    Montgomery Ward

    Curry is in real life what I think I am in 2K.

  • Masingun Tour
    Masingun Tour

    a cheatcode..

  • Dương Tiến
    Dương Tiến

    Nothing words to say about this man

  • Boss Jay
    Boss Jay

    I envy those people in attendance witnessing the greatness of Steph Curry, a once in a lifetime player.

  • Solomon Hii
    Solomon Hii

    Its good to see first batch of Bandwagons are back!

  • PB Williams
    PB Williams


  • AG AG
    AG AG

    Best shooter who ever lived.

  • sakura kakki
    sakura kakki

    Mvp need him 😂

  • FTW Locks
    FTW Locks

    Honestly even tho jokic been killing all season I wouldn’t even blame them if curry won the award just look at this dude balling out here every night worth the team on his back went from a not playoff team to a play in tournament

  • Wilson Roy
    Wilson Roy

    Thats why people say curry is destroying this sport.looks so boring.


    i hit 11 threes during high school he hits 11 in 45 mins ...

  • Kenji Dos
    Kenji Dos

    M.V.P 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Quinn

    You can't defend a quick release guy like steph. Is it not lucky shot not in every steph game either, is more in his practice, don't know how many shot he made all over the court ☺ 👌

  • Charlito Mani
    Charlito Mani

    He's a good shooter.

  • Yung life
    Yung life

    Look at curry man so inspirational

  • Jaylyn tamayao
    Jaylyn tamayao

    The reaction of the fan I mean the girl beside the court kinda dope


    Not count 4 pointplay from deep

  • Damon Richardson
    Damon Richardson

    Best shooter I've ever seen. Unbelievable!!!

  • Fallen Hero
    Fallen Hero

    Is it too late for him to be in the MVP convo? If the Warriors makes it into the playoff and makes a deeper run, Curry should be added in the MVP race..

    • M Mullz
      M Mullz

      The only reason why he's not the frontrunner of MVP race is because of corrupted capitalism.

  • lavar anthony
    lavar anthony

    And to think mj had the audacity to say curry is just an ok player

  • Hasinjaka Andrianome
    Hasinjaka Andrianome



    Steph is the Real MVP!

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