2021 Kia Carnival review: Like an SUV, but better!

  • Willie Nelson Gonzalez
    Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    TBH, much prefer analogue gauges than digital.

  • Muinz Sarg
    Muinz Sarg

    Nice looks n I liked the sliding door...but not comfortable seating..thigh support is not good, n knee is high as if you r seating on the floor


    Australia is the same as Indonesia. steering wheel right 👍👍👍

  • Phillip Mmesi
    Phillip Mmesi

    I think the silver rea thing don't know what to call it. Is stylish I like it. That's whe9i pick up the SUV/pick up at. Looks like you would open it up and remove the roof.

  • Phillip Mmesi
    Phillip Mmesi

    I believe the tyres are OK with the 19s, but the black alloys are not for me. I have the new rio I prefer silver or gray like alloys

  • minnie saab
    minnie saab


  • James Hayward
    James Hayward

    Why not AWD and twin turbo V6?, Audi design is shining through anyway.

  • roni yusuf
    roni yusuf

    U to tall for that car 😁

  • Horizon sky
    Horizon sky

    Hate it carnival.........clown car

  • Mick McCarthy
    Mick McCarthy

    Are those shoes from Bared?


    Hi car expert ,,,how you rate petrol vs diesel

    • CarExpert

      Both really good. Petrol is smoother and feels punchier behind the wheel.

  • Ian Diru
    Ian Diru

    My problem with this minivans are 2 WD and the boot space isn't that large and when you carry people around on upcountry with their luggage the rear will be low and thats why i prefer an SUV

  • 32 Bravo
    32 Bravo

    Aren't the radio controls on the steering wheel as well?

  • Kimmys Worldwander
    Kimmys Worldwander

    Needs the new KIA logo.

  • D Swagsarang
    D Swagsarang

    I have never ever drooled over cars. I think I just did after watching this video! Lol... Soooooo practical! Also, just look at the back storage space!

  • Raj Vasava
    Raj Vasava


  • Lauren Daykin
    Lauren Daykin


  • NgatiDreadz

    Brother that looks fugly af straight up like a suv van hybrid 🤢

  • Phillip Yee
    Phillip Yee

    The new kia logo is legit beautiful

  • Big A
    Big A

    Piano black is a very bad idea for any car. Matt colour (but not black) is the way to keep the dash look better at all time.

  • Steve Gallagher
    Steve Gallagher

    Not bad. Doesn't make me want to trade in my Sienna anytime soon though.

  • Jason

    Why do I feel like those buttons are too small (car remote)

  • Cedric Yao
    Cedric Yao

    Kia & Hyundai has come a long way, Loved our Hyundai Tucson, maybe when my 2012 Estima dies, I might move to a Kia... alot of these features have finally come to these mini vans, 1980s old school Hi Ace supercustom? had these features.

  • Ali Baqir
    Ali Baqir

    Hay mate best explanation .just want to know v6 is good or 4 and does it start with remote??

  • Axari El
    Axari El

    Finally! A minivan that looks like an SUV.

  • Bru Schmidt
    Bru Schmidt

    It's a hard sell, but I am getting used to KIA implementing low bumper mounted rear Indicators. What I can't forgive is, they're incandescent bulbs where everything else is LED. ..really, Wtf!?!?



  • Kyle Peebles
    Kyle Peebles

    The hook would be for a handbag or tote bag I would think.

  • Awilda Mercado
    Awilda Mercado

    Hooks are for pocketbooks or shopping bags, anything with a handle that you would want to secure.

  • Zar Star
    Zar Star

    Vwry sexy

  • Helen Wang
    Helen Wang

    Hi Where you get this good price? I am in Victoria and they only give me about 67K.

  • John Chang
    John Chang

    Won’t be long for Kia to move the spare tyres to the left side as possible lawsuits over death by spare tyres change . ( Kia forgot that the safe side in oz is on LH side )

  • Yourtube

    Those seats don't really ''look'' comfy. Wonder how they're for long drives?

  • Steven Lopes
    Steven Lopes

    Picking up our carnival tomorrow!

  • light487

    With regards to the steering tuning, will that be something that can be updated to an existing car?

  • Rajeev R
    Rajeev R

    I really believe that this is a good-looking car. It is sad that KIA has no plans of bringing this replacement into India any time soon.

  • Satya Satyajit
    Satya Satyajit

    waiting to get this kia model in INDIA🇮🇳❤️

  • Hf Home
    Hf Home

    I have seen the vito and granvia and odyssey

  • Hf Home
    Hf Home

    my car is the Mitsubishi ASX 2015 i have seen the carnival this one and the one before and i have seen a mpv Mitsubishi Xpander is realy the best cheapest mpv i live in Kuwait and it cost 4099 KD the carnival cost 10000KD or 11000KD

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    i would definitely get this instead of a 2wd sorento

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    too much tuning of the suspension

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    toe room is better than the boot than the back

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    why do the back seats have perforations kia?

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    hooks in the back of the front seats could be for hanging bags

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn


  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    i pretty much like the wheels

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    it has the best aerodynamics ever. has air holes and lips

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    it's a van, not an suv


    Modern van family car


    The 2021 Honda odyssey beautifully vanished that sore door tracks. It's super clean, that's what Kia carnival needs to do. Even after hiding the tracks and changing handles like normal cars, Odyssey, Sienna or Pacifica can't present their vans as an SUV style van because of their outer bloated design but 2022 Kia carnival can do it with minimal changes. I'm not buying an MPV because I have so many kids but if I want to get a refrigerator or a dish washer, I don't want to run to uhaul for renting. When u go for a theme park ride with 2 families, the carnival type vans can do the magic, I need practicality of a van that looks absolutely like an SUV. Greetings from Canada.

    • CarExpert

      Thanks for watching! We'll have a review of the new Odyssey shortly too :-D

  • Caner Karaman
    Caner Karaman

    It doesnt come to Turkey, thanks to tax...

  • Jennifer Shannon
    Jennifer Shannon

    Just bought mine as is was coming off the transporter. This is better then any suv out there. Blows Mercedes out of the water! Love my Carnival Prestige in ceramic silver 😍😍😍. Second sunroof opens

  • Overplays AceKing
    Overplays AceKing

    Absolutely love the design

  • 00 00
    00 00

    I like it too, but as long there is not need to install sensors to prevent engine failure and 5000$ repair bills, on 30 000 km engine mileage.

  • n0ypi1

    oh ... my 2006 mini van has those window shade too...

  • n0ypi1

    oh... wait my 2006 mini van can do those things too with those seat

  • n0ypi1

    thank you for letting me know that thas a window that i .... oh we already know.. yup its his first time to ride a mini van lol

  • messi smith
    messi smith

    Am in love wiz this carnival😍😍😍

    • CarExpert


  • Harisankar VM
    Harisankar VM

    Good car and nicely presented....

  • evidencebased1

    New Kia minivan looks good. Black wheels should be an option or just combined with certain colors they look good with (eg. black, dark gray). Also wish you could get top spec (ie. SXP here in USA) without the reclining seats which limit van to 7 passenger and, more importantly, limits cargo capacity since they are non-removable.

  • Taylah Hoffman
    Taylah Hoffman

    Cooool car

  • 🛑 YouTube®️
    🛑 YouTube®️

    Waiting for it to come 🇮🇳 INDIA🔥🙏🏼

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    no, there are better japanese options

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    a smart van

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    i like the wheels

  • Callum Freebairn
    Callum Freebairn

    the new kia logo is better than the old. i like a refresh

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Thanks for the review. What colour is the Carnival that you are test driving? Also does the third row have airbags? I'm looking at either buying the Hyundai Palisade or this car. But I will await the hybrid Toyota Kruger to come out first before making up my mind.

  • Ognjen Corovic
    Ognjen Corovic

    I have two kids and after looking at this am thinking “do I really only want two kids?”

  • Tharindu Jayasinghe
    Tharindu Jayasinghe

    I’ve always said I would never drive a minivan but I’d make an exemption when it comes to this vehicle . The best looking minivan / people mover in the world currently..

  • tobychow

    Add hybrid and a phone app to control some of the car functions and it will be perfectly perfect 👍

  • Thembi E Sibiya
    Thembi E Sibiya

    Are you in South Africa

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  • Caught on Dashcam in the G.T.A.
    Caught on Dashcam in the G.T.A.

    I don't want anybody else to experience this frightening situation. Some people's Kia/Hyundai's are even starting on fire because of this issue. Even while parked and off! Kia malfunctions and I still owed about $6000 on the financing. --- Before I get into the engine failure, the first issue was my Kia Sorento not starting when I turned the key. This should have been a recall but they forced me (and others) to buy a new battery before they could diagnose the cause of the problem. CAA tested my battery and refused to give me a new one because their machine gave the battery a 'pass'. I also knew the battery couldn't have been the cause of the no-start issue. The cause of the no-start issue is a flaw in the security system that immobilizes the vehicle. If the user presses lock twice on the key fob, the following attempt at starting the engine would be seen by the vehicle as an unauthorized key/method being used to start the vehicle. --- OK, back to the engine failure issue, I was just contacted by Transport Canada several weeks after filing my initial report with them concerning the stalling of my 2015 Kia Sorento on the highway while I was with my wife and my 2 year old son. After the vehicle was restarted and having exited the highway, the engine began knocking loudly. I took immediately to Mr. Lube who had always done my oil changes and other services, they showed my the oil level was fine and told me to have it inspected. I took it to Plaza Kia the following morning who diagnosed it and in their final report stated the cause of the engine failure was lack of lubrication. Well, there was plenty of oil in there and I began reading many other people having this issue around the Canada and the USA. I even had the computer updated which was supposed to have extended my drivetrain warranty to 10 years and/or 200,000km. The service department still said I had to pay almost $10,000 for a new motor. This issue is not limited to the Kia Sorento. Many Kia/Hyundai motors in various models are experiencing this catastrophic mechanical failure. -- My 2015 Kia Sorento was one of their defective models that developed engine failure in early December of 2020. Many of their vehicles should have been recalled but Hyundai/Kia has failed to do the right thing. Do not buy Hyundai or Kia before googling Hyundai Kia engine failures and fires. They had no interest in caring for me as a customer. They just told me I should buy a new Kia. [The lawsuit alleges numerous GDI engines are defective, including 2-liter and 2.4-liter "Theta II" engines, “Gamma” 1.6-liter engines, “Nu” 2-liter engines and “Lambda II” 3-liter, 3.3-liter and turbocharged 3.3-liter GDI engines.] From Just a few real-world occurrences www.wsoctv.com/news/9investigates/woman-tells-action-9-her-kia-caught-fire-days-before-thanksgiving/4M33MTMBIFEF7DIDH75HDBSSJI/ www.cbc.ca/news/business/car-owners-claim-they-were-knowingly-sold-defective-vehicles-1.5073563?fbclid=IwAR0SmeRQAqPxmn5cinh18-AQs0F2NRc0eMZIWr71TK9ZOyDh9dVDMKJW8wQ www.cbc.ca/news/business/car-giants-delay-recall-on-engine-known-to-fail-1.5044866 www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/more-kia-vehicles-recalled-for-fire-risk/#:~:text=Kia%20is%20recalling%20nearly%20380%2C000,structures%20until%20they%20are%20updated.&text=If%20the%20HECU%20short%20circuits,fire%20in%20the%20engine%20compartment. www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/more-recalls-for-hyundai-kia-vehicles-fire-risk/ driving.ca/kia/auto-news/news/kia-recalling-almost-300000-cars-in-u-s-over-engine-fire-risk www.guideautoweb.com/en/articles/58118/ www.caranddriver.com/news/a34882987/kia-recall-fire-risk-engine-damage/ www.caranddriver.com/news/a35782883/kia-cadenza-sportage-recall-fire-risk/ www.auto123.com/en/news/kia-recall-sportage-soul-fire-risk/65647/ www.cbc.ca/news/business/marketplace-car-recall-investigation-1.5918348 www.cnn.com/2020/12/07/cars/kia-recalls-vehicles-engine-fire-risk-trnd/index.html www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2020/12/05/kia-optima-sorento-soul-recall-2020-engine-fire-risk/3838833001/ www.nytimes.com/2021/03/09/business/kia-recall-sportage-cadenza.html Plaza Kia Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

  • Chirag.k

    For india when it will come bro

  • Pappy Tombo
    Pappy Tombo

    Coffee in large size then no problems 👍

  • Beariam24

    Looks fantastic a cool dad wagon haha love how well thought out it is! The boot space is great and great features.

  • Beariam24

    If that’s in right hand drive why the hell are they not selling it in the UK?? 😢

  • Serj Ezati
    Serj Ezati

    This video is a bit like the Kia advertising to me what is nothing wrong about it but with this price tag I think VW and Benz are much more better options than kia

  • Joon Choi
    Joon Choi

    im letting you know, in the comments section here, that you say that way to fucking much.

  • Mitch and Andrea Davy
    Mitch and Andrea Davy

    like an SUV but not better! no power, no torque, no AWD....no towing.

  • Shem

    Everything is great but why don't use the new KIA logo? This is the only complain I have for this nice looking car.

  • Lazaro Alvarez
    Lazaro Alvarez

    Always enjoy your reviews Paul. Not sure if you have considered this but just a suggestion to add more to your reviews is to use a noice decibel reader for road noise. Would be nice to see how different cars compared using something like that.

  • Aydin Khan
    Aydin Khan

    This van is secretly a 7 seater

  • Vince Kwansky
    Vince Kwansky

    Do we have the Kia carnival 7 seater model in Australia ?

  • Tyrone L. Williams
    Tyrone L. Williams

    I don’t like the black wheels I prefer polished aluminium

  • Dani Santos
    Dani Santos

    17:18 Hook behind the seat is very useful to attach a small backpack and keep it straight while you get your laptop out or reading papers.

  • Richard Hobo
    Richard Hobo

    I would always buy a people mover over an SUV. We're currently on our second Mazda MPV and it's fantastic. It's also good to see at least some car manufacturers are still building people movers so I can eventually get one second hand.

  • Richard Hobo
    Richard Hobo

    That hook on the back of the front passenger seat is for a plastic bag of takeaways. In England, they call them "curry hooks." I have one on my Honda Civic.

  • Kevyn Dignum
    Kevyn Dignum

    Is the second row electric, Got the Sedona 2019 pull stomach muscles every time I try to lower leg rest.

  • Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting
    Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting

    It had to be AWD😏

  • Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting
    Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting

    I have 3 kids. Being a young dad I entered the 7 seater segment with a vw caddy maxi. Capable, frugal, comfortable and confident ride. Wanted to upgrade to the Caravelle transporter T6 but I hear the carnival is good value for money and maybe better than the Merc V Class. 🤔

  • Sidharth Sreekumar
    Sidharth Sreekumar

    Old KIA logo > New KIA logo. But can't blame them cause their entire design language strives towards futurism but their logo is still a remnant of the 90s.

  • Oscar Hedin
    Oscar Hedin

    Maybe a bit of a dumb question but is this pure fosile, hybrid or electric?

  • Tuấn Nghiêm
    Tuấn Nghiêm

    Is this us or Asian, eroupean model ???

    • CarExpert



    If you search for Honda Airwave....the side view looks a lot like an Upsize airwave. which doesn't look very good

  • ByAngel

    the driver is always going to be on the right in this car?

  • Amir Din
    Amir Din

    That 2nd & 3rd row not comfy for long distance, see how his knee is above the seat . Kia needs to improve on their floor levels, dont make it too high for foot rest. Learn from hyundai starex or toyota alphard. Much more comfortable

  • Tom Breakspear
    Tom Breakspear

    Missed all the USB points on every seat and in the rear

  • PAt the rat
    PAt the rat

    This was filmed on my bday

  • B. Knut
    B. Knut

    in korea, minivans are also called 'limousines' as they typically don't have those stretched limos that we see in north america (not sure about AUS), and they're used to shuttle people around. so most likely that hook behind the front passenger seat is for a garbage bag or to hook some other sort of accessory. i'm also really glad that the NA version will get an actual gear shifter. i REALLY hate the recent trend for those stupid knobs and buttons for gear select. why change something that works and people understand?