HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders
May 8, 2021 -- Canelo vs. Saunders from AT\u0026T Stadium in Arlington, Texas

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  • Logan Paugh
    Logan Paugh

    I hate a drug cheat. Viva Mexico- life beyond first-world pharmecutical accountability.

  • Joaquin Guzman
    Joaquin Guzman

    These fights never get old .

  • Richie B
    Richie B

    That鈥檚 CANELO 4 ya

  • Nelson Orozco
    Nelson Orozco

    73,126 audience in the stadium watching this fight. Crazy.

  • ondaride777

    punches of BJS heard like: tick tick and punches of Canelo heard like: thump boom

  • Big Pimping Big No Sipping
    Big Pimping Big No Sipping

    Canelo 脕lvarez is the greatest boxer of our time. Mayweather lost that spot wen he fought and disrespected boxing fighting a kid who has no record or anything done for boxing like many other greats fighting for a chance to fight the best. It鈥檚 all about money but na that was no boxing

  • Jason Sheikh
    Jason Sheikh

    Canelo is on a different level completely

  • Peter Baker
    Peter Baker


  • Chico The great
    Chico The great

    I don't know what fight these announcers where watching

  • Stoopid ImNotGonLetYouGetTheChance
    Stoopid ImNotGonLetYouGetTheChance

    Canelo owns the UK man. What a joke country

  • Boxing Royale
    Boxing Royale

    Chit chat, got smacked

  • Daniel Luna
    Daniel Luna

    9:30 and 9:41 still gives me CHILLS ! What a fight ! !! I don鈥檛 think this fight was close in any way . . .

  • Paul Spencer
    Paul Spencer

    BJS did a fair job he鈥檚 not in canelo鈥檚 league because he鈥檚 not got the power punches to finish someone with a great chin, but he鈥檚 a great mover and at times made Canelo look slow. Canelo Alvarez no way beats David Benadivez personally I think Caleb Plants got the power and the goods to stop Canelo facts are Caleb Plants way better than BJS. Bivol and Beterbiev both beat Canelo.

    • Chris

      delusional if you think plant wins, benavidez however I think has the best chance to stop canelo

  • pitbulls rawalpindi PAK
    pitbulls rawalpindi PAK

    Love to c him knocked out by canelo. 馃憣鉂わ笍

  • TboneNY10

    Smashed to bits...into submission. Couldn't of happened to a nicer guy lol

  • Expired Feet
    Expired Feet


  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    馃挴馃挴 Caleb plant isss next

  • Pato Smith
    Pato Smith

    BJS throws 4 shots to the gloves and they say we want him to do more like that ...

  • Devourer Of Sins
    Devourer Of Sins


  • Pato Smith
    Pato Smith

    rd 1 3 heavy body shots vs a few pitter pats ... that's how it went the whole fight


    鈥淕et CARRIED out the ring, braddah.鈥 馃ぃ

  • jay jackson
    jay jackson

    the world was in a pandemic and came together to watch one of the greatest warriors on earth

  • Dee Cha
    Dee Cha

    Close fight rofl! Saunders took a misstep! Canelo's gotta be more active for a KO. These announcers are straight BUMS!.

  • Kye Maxwell
    Kye Maxwell

    Love it when a mouthy boxers gets humbled

  • Glock42

    Saunders was a G for going against Canelo knowing he was going to get slaughtered. I give it to him, he had more heart than I gave him credit for

  • AECG18

    euro fighters are quitters. a lot of them...

  • Stephen Schneider
    Stephen Schneider

    Boxing is a joke. Clenelo Alvaroid fighting white nerds.

  • Cherry 馃崚 pick 馃槀馃槀馃槀 al haymon 馃憖馃憖

  • Sleepy Swan
    Sleepy Swan

    Daaam I've never seen a fighters entire face structure and head shape change after 1 punch lol he looked scared for his life

  • X V
    X V

    The commentators are so dumb..

  • Igor Pospekhin
    Igor Pospekhin

    Canelo cannot ko anyone - the guys just quit against him for suspicious reasons.

    • K G
      K G

      Getting a broken orbital and being unable to continue is a "suspicious reason" ? How can you be so dumb??

    • JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101

      Always find reasons to hate

  • Chris Williamson
    Chris Williamson

    "Saunders fights to the level of his opponent!", they said.....Unless that opponent's level is higher than his, in which case he quits.

  • Russell Cuggy
    Russell Cuggy

    Rematch all day in the uk 馃嚞馃嚙

  • C. O. VRABO
    C. O. VRABO

    another protected fighter like mayweather = CANELO , PICKING FIGHTS. YOU SHOULD FIGHT THE BEST.

  • Im just u
    Im just u

    Funny how commentators and judges tryna make saunders win hahaha what a bs

  • Tarzan jodeajane
    Tarzan jodeajane

    i was dissappointed cos Billy didn`t deliver. He was so confident on the microphone and with tyson`s supports . He had two decent rounds but that was. Canelo did not drop power on his shots while Billy did drop his guard (quite common in late rounds for every normal boxer). the KO was not a lucky shot it was matter of time.

  • joseph steward
    joseph steward

    Saunders talked a lot of ish and when things got thick he quit

    • Bazzi

      Dude he literally couldn鈥檛 see out of his right eye tf you talking about

  • Juan Hern谩ndez
    Juan Hern谩ndez

    Canelo no es mexicano, es espa帽ol... saludos desde Chile.

    • Tela de Joir
      Tela de Joir

      Porque no es mexicano?

    • Geraldo Rivera
      Geraldo Rivera

      Deberath creeths etho?

    • Geraldo Rivera
      Geraldo Rivera


  • Shantanu

    Amount of sacrifice and hard work boxers do is just unimaginable man , its really hard to keep a burning desire to be the best and losses can be so depressing at times .

  • BossDogGeeMoney

    Canelo stop lying and tricking the public and fight a real fight billy joe was softer than pudding on the sides and fat and past his prime

  • Noah Kennedy
    Noah Kennedy

    I see why Canelo ran from Andrade. Billy Joe was having that much success, Andrade would box circles around Canelo.

  • elvin gavilan
    elvin gavilan

    It鈥檚 funny how Saunders tried so hard to be the 鈥済uy鈥 who would take the win. Oh how the tables turned on him hahaha

    • james Deer
      james Deer

      He almost did. Floyd told him the blue print, he executed it as best as he could.

  • Amanda Ponce
    Amanda Ponce

    Let's just Appreciate he took that neck shot like a g

  • X V
    X V


  • em cee
    em cee

    Those steds really do work

  • Martin Robles
    Martin Robles

    Canelo acting like he already knocked him out ..it is over 馃槀

  • David Saputra
    David Saputra


  • red zine
    red zine

    What a defence, i like canelo's style

  • Maverick Topgun
    Maverick Topgun

    Canelo best fighter Wright now but..He had lost 3 times ..1 to Mayweather jr, the other fights were given to Canelo even though he lost..1 was to Lara and the other was to triple G the first encounter.

    • JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101

      Canelo whooped lara, lara was complaining like a 馃惐, he only has 2 losses mayweather & ggg 1

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez

    Canelo is too elite

  • yuzno liwet
    yuzno liwet

    Bisa apa Floyd Mayweather

  • phuhcue

    Prediction for Canelo vs Plant: Alvarez by Cerebral Hemorrhage, inside of 6.

  • Joey Freeman
    Joey Freeman

    Hi guys I鈥檓 14 and my first ammeter fight is in three months. Did I start to late to make it famous? Any tips for the first fight? Thank you.

  • Ganymede, Jupiter III
    Ganymede, Jupiter III

    [BJS calls DuBois a quitter for getting a cracked orbital] Canelo: "You want to know what that feels like?"

  • Gabriel Martin
    Gabriel Martin

    Fact: 鈥淪aunders is actually have a strong chin and can literally handle Canelos punches, period.鈥 Have a great day to y鈥檃ll.

  • william anderson
    william anderson

    Russia 56% of world's land Mass

  • Kaleb Cooper
    Kaleb Cooper

    Watch the upper cut and his style

  • Kaleb Cooper
    Kaleb Cooper

    Billy joe you are the real man and figh him again you will win and don鈥檛 bend low all the time

  • Original One
    Original One

    Canelo a pure skilled boxer

  • Fijian Warrior
    Fijian Warrior

    I guess Fury was embarrassed after Canelo Alvarez destroyed his boyfriend Saunders!

  • Super Ichi
    Super Ichi

    For the people wondering, 9:10 was the moment

  • Kaia Flores
    Kaia Flores

    Canelo never lost a round.

  • kofi amankwah
    kofi amankwah

    bjs punched on canelo ... canelo definitely is touchable i fw canelo but he is touchable and beatable

    • JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101

      & bjs was touching gloves all night

    • JuanPapi 101
      JuanPapi 101

      You do know that was canelos game plan right?? He let bjs hit him so he can gain confidence to come in & catch him with the uppercuts, if canelo didn鈥檛 let him he would show his elite defense

  • Lucy Walker
    Lucy Walker

    Why is canelo skipping back when billy throws. Hes probably had harder farts than them.punches

  • IamjustSandro

    All that trash talking just to get your face broken smh

  • Cengiz AKALIN
    Cengiz AKALIN

    Saunders is great, but Canelo is a much better boxer.

  • Vin diesel Leo
    Vin diesel Leo


  • James Dizon
    James Dizon

    Was there that night. Man when round 8 ended, everyone knew what happened. BJS kept dropping his head all night and all it took is one uppercut.

  • Lopeli

    Prime undefeated elite. Dismantled by Canelo.

  • JackyFlowers

    Them body shots were hurting Saunders as soon as the 1st round, basically

  • john gotti
    john gotti

    The last 10 seconds it looked like a lion stalking his hurt prey

  • JoPeSol7

    BJS never had him. In round 8 Canelo was drawing him out.... the commentaries were saying Canelo was trying to figure BJS out, but he already wrote a playbook for this dude.

  • Ramon Ayala
    Ramon Ayala

    Mannix a clown scoring the fight 68 - 65 for saunders

    • james Deer
      james Deer

      He was the busier boxer and was scoring easily.

  • Olujuwon Olawoyin
    Olujuwon Olawoyin

    forget the highlights and watch the full fight Saunders performed better than expected. although he failed to put shots behind his jab, he wasn't trying to jab and follow up with a shot. canelo is a beast but Saunders really impressed in my book.the beat canelo fought in a while.

  • Jhon Smith
    Jhon Smith

    The belts gave Canelo more problems than the actual fight.

  • Estarlin Ogando
    Estarlin Ogando

    Felicidades canelo sigue asi que te apoyamos desde rd

  • Jonny Maddog
    Jonny Maddog

    Carl frosh commentating with is heart seeing what he wants to see 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃馃

  • Radoslav Todorov
    Radoslav Todorov

    I like how the commentators give suggestions what Canelo should do. You don't teach Canelo, unless you're his coach, he teaches you.

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores

    desdde Bolivia un abrazo sos un campe贸n

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores

    de los cumple canelo soy tu fans

  • Cole Woodard
    Cole Woodard

    Happy birthday Canelo! 馃帄馃帀

  • Hazardous Roo
    Hazardous Roo

    I swear I heard that bone breaking when he landed that uppercut. You know we all came here to see that. 9:07

  • Shiv Ladwa
    Shiv Ladwa

    Great sparring session for canelo, should be well prepared for the actual fight!

  • 袝褉卸邪薪 袪邪泻褍谢芯胁
    袝褉卸邪薪 袪邪泻褍谢芯胁

    For me, Canelo is not a chempion.馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥馃嚥馃嚱. Our GGG chempion. 馃嚢馃嚳馃嚢馃嚳馃嚢馃嚳馃嚢馃嚳馃嚢馃嚳 He will beat him if he enteres the ring with a shot.


    Someone said either charlo can beat canelo? 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • idho nahdi
    idho nahdi

    and jack paul want to fight these guys 馃馃徏

  • Ross Brets
    Ross Brets

    Nobody anywhere Is giving credit to billy joe canelo is the only person who could beat billy

  • Ed Garcia
    Ed Garcia

    Read him like a book. Saw that he kept ducking

  • Angel

    Red Hair is common in Northwest spain that's where canelo got it from

  • Spencer Mcginnis
    Spencer Mcginnis

    Jake Paul wants to fight this guy??馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀


    Is only one chicken Sanders

  • Ragamuffin Hooligan
    Ragamuffin Hooligan

    Every punch Canelo throws is with evil intent!

  • Khmer Kulturzentrum
    Khmer Kulturzentrum

    The commentators should be well trained. 馃槣

  • Al Ejaz
    Al Ejaz

    If only Billy had power... That would of made whole different fight. Billy had the skills techniques to outbox canelo aswell.

  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav


  • Erwin Vasquez
    Erwin Vasquez

    so what happened to Saunders and his fan boys ,it's. been a while.


    Loser was talking and talking and now quit???

  • p72

    鈥淛ess 鈥渢hats a lot of belts

  • Ignor Ramous
    Ignor Ramous


  • Anabolic Commie Bastard
    Anabolic Commie Bastard

    Saunders was def winning the bout before the lucky shot!!

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