FIRST AID HACKS | Safety Tricks, New Gadgets and Appliances For Unlucky Situations!
00:12 Splinter?
01:35 Helpful gadgets for different situations
02:27 Life-saving camping tricks
04:03 New gadgets, tools and appliances for every home
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  • mike kaiser
    mike kaiser

    who would carry a egg on a trip .~.

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    👁️👄👁️Did you put a tampon on that mans arm-💀✋

  • °Tanjiro°

    Omg its five minute crap

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  • *MochaBear*

    5:10 the tool she used to put her sock on probably takes more work than just putting the sock on normally

  • *MochaBear*

    3:25 the fact that she needs a tool to put her pants on.

  • Mason Groff
    Mason Groff

    There may be one life hack that may work,

  • colleman team
    colleman team

    Quem é do brasil

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  • Marisol Ortiz
    Marisol Ortiz

    These hacks are was just lazy people

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  • مريم الشهراني
    مريم الشهراني


  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez

    3:32 Two hours later, "Babe, can I have a swig of water?"

  • arshad abbas
    arshad abbas

    can anyone please tell me the name of wound on video title?

  • Talia Kolcuoğlu
    Talia Kolcuoğlu

    Oh, but that's the idea!

  • Talia Kolcuoğlu
    Talia Kolcuoğlu

    you did not give an idea for the first time,but it was nice 🥰

  • crazy gaming and crafts
    crazy gaming and crafts

    Who is seeing this in mobile and fears that your mom will scold ??

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    Magna Mara

    Que nojo majina o trem gruda no cur

  • Danielle Campbell
    Danielle Campbell

    We will

  • Haruhi Arima
    Haruhi Arima

    These aren't even hacks. Most of them are genuine, REAL inventions that people use.

  • tiyah t
    tiyah t

    2:20 Your joking right.

  • Nikt Ważny
    Nikt Ważny


  • Richard Aseves
    Richard Aseves

    Nom of this works I e tried it plus just poo in a hole

  • Richard Aseves
    Richard Aseves

    Why not just pull it out

  • Damia Alya Farwizah
    Damia Alya Farwizah

    This is *worthless* and *useless*

  • Ribeiro Asmr
    Ribeiro Asmr

    I’m sorry but the first one 😭😭

  • Caius Vslooten
    Caius Vslooten

    They yust use tools

  • Game Time - Gameplay, Tips & Rewiews
    Game Time - Gameplay, Tips & Rewiews

    Im here thinking about the bleach strawberrys.

  • ꕥ OpalDrawz ꕥ
    ꕥ OpalDrawz ꕥ

    I have questions... I want NONE of them answered.

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    Джахан Алмазова


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    Stefanie Arellano

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  • Lucy Kittens
    Lucy Kittens

    Why the hell did at 1st clip Gotta be that

  • SimplyCheerio

    6:41 lol how u suppose to know how much to give the kid

  • Tucker Zajic
    Tucker Zajic

    The burn one doesn’t look real burns don’t look like that so I think you faked it

  • Mico Garcia
    Mico Garcia


  • Pauline Mölter
    Pauline Mölter

    3:15 what if you are on your period


    This channel should stop theyre recycling videos

  • كاغويا شينوميا
    كاغويا شينوميا

    2:10 you joking right 🤣??

  • Zelo Playz
    Zelo Playz

    These are simply for wimps

  • Heather Wallace
    Heather Wallace

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    Zenwazhere Boi

    Me at all the splinter hacks: Or just, ya know, pull it out

  • RockheroYEET SONGO
    RockheroYEET SONGO

    #cringe cant belive im saying this but... ur SUS

  • Mingo luvs u
    Mingo luvs u

    8:24 use a bar of soap or liquid soap stupid 8:54 demonetized 9:15 your capping photoshoper

  • Parsley studios
    Parsley studios

    2:10, thanks for telling me how to use a spoon the correct way, because using my hand is way to hard

    • Heike Reimer
      Heike Reimer


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  • DatOneNoob

    wth is this

  • Ankita Jain
    Ankita Jain

    5 minute crafts is a scam None of theses work And you to not need a big handle to pull yourself up from a toilet I mean that just weird also these people are. 😒😕

  • Omg heyyy
    Omg heyyy


  • Marvel Blockbuster
    Marvel Blockbuster

    Thats very common things in india but indians don't need first aid

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    Maria Eduarda Martins

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  • I am cough drops
    I am cough drops

    Everybody chill until they get hurt next to the life hack girl *casually pulls out tampon*

    • I am cough drops
      I am cough drops

      Okay but for real don't do these. Some of them are ok like the disinfecting the tweezers because it makes sense, fire makes it go away, just let it cool down before you use it. But seriously, don't use cucumbers on your burn. You want cold water. Not cold cold, just generally cold. You want it to gradually cool down. Doctors disinfect stuff with saline which is just water and salt. Some of you guys are gullible enough to do this... Google it, don't use ILcomp

  • the queen of u
    the queen of u

    That child just chugged choff sirup

  • Ednezz Ng
    Ednezz Ng

    The tampon tho-

  • Ward Mitch Al
    Ward Mitch Al

    Leverage: Robel✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✔✔✔✔✔✔☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑

  • Maggi Merriman
    Maggi Merriman

    I like how when the girl gets stung by the bee she notices it after it sings her

    • مريم الشهراني
      مريم الشهراني


    • ABc kids
      ABc kids

      Barbie doll hack

  • Nick Popescu
    Nick Popescu

    3:39 what human being of any age or weight can’t manage to stand up off the toilet



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    B Kim

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  • B Kim
    B Kim


  • B Kim
    B Kim


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    Brooklynn Ayers

    my sister love theese vioes

  • Idrees Musab
    Idrees Musab

    8:37 how to not show how lonely u r

  • Idrees Musab
    Idrees Musab

    6:12 POV:I have an idea 💡 ima go not get my glasses like a normal person instead I’m gonna get this torture device #totally hacked life

  • Idrees Musab
    Idrees Musab

    The whole portable first aid kit (me edition) -bandages. -wipes. -water Literally all u need cus it’s unlikely ur on the front lines and u have a gunshot wound

    • Maricel Lynnette Castro
      Maricel Lynnette Castro

      You also need medicines like paracetamol, anti-allergy tablets, and alcohol. We, my family, always bring that whenever we go shopping or travelling

    • Palms Full
      Palms Full


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      Shawn Odell


  • itsyogurljustice

    Bruh who even watches these i mean no hate but its clickbait

  • Kacey Monsales
    Kacey Monsales

    On the toilet hack are u sure because the last time I checked u didn't pull up your dress

  • MaliceGH _ZPT
    MaliceGH _ZPT

    6:30 how did she not taste the diffrence

    • MaliceGH _ZPT
      MaliceGH _ZPT

      @Idrees Musab oh ok

    • Idrees Musab
      Idrees Musab

      It’s an illusion it actually worked for me

  • Zarah modele
    Zarah modele

    Il y a des touches pour ça

  • Andrei Mar
    Andrei Mar

    That is a fake blood

    • Idrees Musab
      Idrees Musab

      Well no shit

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    Faruk konuk

    Bak yine geldi demi ben umut siz


    Title: first aid 1:07 : toilet

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    Leelee Chan

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    Hemani hemani


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    never thought they'd use my favourite song

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    Artistic Aaliyah

    I wonder why they didn't show us the end results of everything

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      ilo ilinn

      The hacks are all fake

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    Niyah Gang

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    Jett Elliott

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    Arlene Fortune

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    Keegan Ulmer

    5:53 Why don't you stand up like a normal person and grab it? Not only that but 3D pens are VERY expensive or at least the ones that actually do something worth a Damn.

  • Harshita Yadav
    Harshita Yadav


  • Harshita Yadav
    Harshita Yadav

    Pulling every stunt instead of going for first aid

  • I V Y
    I V Y

    [5:47] Just imagine how her mother would react on her grabbing things with that gadget.

    • MaliceGH _ZPT
      MaliceGH _ZPT


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    Gabriela Apetroae


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    David _dragon

    That first one got me of gard

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    *Child bean*

    Girl just go to the Store and buy more milk 10:37

  • Hadif Darwisy
    Hadif Darwisy

    4:43 wtf

    • Idrees Musab
      Idrees Musab

      What do u mean I always have that device in my dungoe...said too much


    Mmmmm I would love to drink water that was used to wash someones hair

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    Hector V-i


  • Albulena Dragaqina
    Albulena Dragaqina


  • Kamal Oulebsir
    Kamal Oulebsir

    One thing when you make cheat sheets because you don’t no the answer how do you know what to write

  • Kamal Oulebsir
    Kamal Oulebsir

    I hate you