FULL FIGHT: AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder at Social Gloves
Watch AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder face off for the full five rounds at Social Gloves, two days before the result was overturned to an unanimous decision for Gib.

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  • X2_grand123

    gib got fucking robed

  • ash squarkz
    ash squarkz

    5 rounds to that gib guy without a doubt that’s crazy!

  • Maze4G

    I personally don’t like this female commentator bruv.

  • Julian Rey Ruiz
    Julian Rey Ruiz

    I love Paige but she’s annoying always bringing up saying she’s a professional boxer, she legit only had one boxing match and got fucked up 🤦🏽‍♂️ she’s 0-1 in boxing, good mma fighter though

  • Colorado Rock Heads
    Colorado Rock Heads

    He got robed

  • Lucid 21
    Lucid 21

    What was the point of buying the fight

    • Rebel Watch
      Rebel Watch

      Wasting money

  • portable zombie
    portable zombie

    im extremely happy that GIB got the W less gooo big GIBBER but holy shit these fucking commentators were riding Tayler's dick through out the whole damn fight like holy shit i knew GIB would win💪

  • Russell Supertramp
    Russell Supertramp

    I knew Gib one. They just had a mistake with the results. If two judges scores the bout for Gib and one judge calls it for Holder. it's a split decision win for Gib.

  • Eh Eh
    Eh Eh

    Gibs footwork is ass but he did better here

    • Triple _ ST
      Triple _ ST

      This fight seemed to be a stamina test for Gib

  • Brian Chao
    Brian Chao


  • Gio Boi
    Gio Boi

    Sus 9:06

  • Juan-Carlos Gomez
    Juan-Carlos Gomez

    You can see the look on referees face. He knows that gib was robbed.

  • Aaden

    Gibs cardio is just insane that man could’ve went on a mile run after that

  • Monkey Sage
    Monkey Sage

    This fight is rig bro you can clearly saw gib dominating the match well sad to say he got robbed.

    • The Wild Cowboy
      The Wild Cowboy

      They announced that he won

  • aileen :]
    aileen :]

    aint no way it resulted in draw when all taylor did was keep eating gibs punches on all 5 rounds

  • Mz Hamza Anver
    Mz Hamza Anver


  • Zander Drønnen
    Zander Drønnen

    Gib destroyed him what do u mean ref

  • Ximena Uribe Vargas
    Ximena Uribe Vargas

    i hate straight men

  • thereal OG
    thereal OG

    These commenter are annoying asf

  • MeMe WoRlD
    MeMe WoRlD

    Bruh they don't know who GiB actually is

  • Miss. Unique
    Miss. Unique

    What?? What the hell 💀 Gib so deserved that win. Holder didn’t cut CLOSE the beating him. Wow just wow Edit: I just heard Taylor talk this straight bs Gib deserved that.

  • Dmoney808 Hawaii
    Dmoney808 Hawaii

    Holder trains with Ryan Garcia and holder talks like he can stand with Garcia, smh idk about holder keeping up Ryan in the ring, after seeing holders performance against Gibs holder has no chance. Holder needs to train 5 times harder if he wants to be great boxer, cause right now he has a hard time beating a tiktoker boxer lol.

  • nolan martin
    nolan martin

    tayler holder: i just dont really see gib being a challenge for me gib: hold my beer

  • Colin Mah
    Colin Mah

    Dumbass announcers thinking holder was anything but a punching bag

  • Sanahi Gatica
    Sanahi Gatica

    That was gibs

  • RBard14

    Gib looking like Maidana, lol what the hell! Very impressed

  • Amar Lama
    Amar Lama

    Fake fighters

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller

    Gib kick the fuck out of him

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller

    Yo what the fuck

  • Jacob Benham
    Jacob Benham

    From ufc star to Tik Tok vs ILcomp announcer lol

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston

    Didn't keemstar host this event? And he had 10k on holder and the judges tried to give it to holder even though he did nothing. I think keemstar had something to do with those bad scorecards 🤨

  • Maz Webb
    Maz Webb

    10:10 *audible strikes from gib* Commentator: Great left hand from Taylor 💀💀💀💀

  • All Things Fast
    All Things Fast

    Draw???? Were the judges fucking pissed

  • In 30 Seconds
    In 30 Seconds

    what a fuckin robbery glad he eventually won tho

  • Jake Sprunger
    Jake Sprunger

    Gib threw a frenzy of arm flails but was blocked 95% of the time and Tayler threw a few punches and landed a few and that was it.

  • Jasper

    these commentators know nothing but waffle

  • Kay Zann Govender
    Kay Zann Govender

    the bias towards Tayler is ridiculous

  • hamza ali
    hamza ali

    7:30 the stupid fangirls cheering for tayler for no reason 🤡

  • Christaps the 3rd
    Christaps the 3rd

    They should show this video in sports journalism school to show students how NOT to cover a fight/competition.

    • Maz Webb
      Maz Webb

      So true

  • Minus DaGreez
    Minus DaGreez

    Gib is a fucking beast ...who is he????

  • Max Louwers
    Max Louwers

    By the fourth round taylor sould have seen all of his moves en then go in 4 en 5 round them he would have kock him out but he did nothing only defence😂

    • Max Louwers
      Max Louwers

      And becouse of that he should have lost he did nothing😂

  • Joelle Pitman
    Joelle Pitman

    taylor looks like tyler from 13 reasons

  • Nicsterr YT
    Nicsterr YT


  • TheOzogas TheOzogas
    TheOzogas TheOzogas

    Gid 100% won

  • Julian

    This was a robbery, Gib clearly outlanded his oponend and was the aggressor every round. if gib would work on his footwork and his stiff hips, he could win against every youtube boxer - the cardio this guy has is so impressive.

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    The only best thing about this event is Paige on commentary... 🥰

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV

    Gib's rear body hook is gorgeous. He even chains that with lead hand attacks.

  • Fredeeey

    Kib won by miles

  • Gacha Gren
    Gacha Gren

    gib was robbed!

  • Macario Nunez
    Macario Nunez

    For sure gib watched “the fighter” before his fight lol

  • borneo dan
    borneo dan

    And I love your Music videos and your singing ❤❤💖💖😍😍💍💍🦄🦄😘😘💏💏💋💋

  • borneo dan
    borneo dan

    I'm a girl I love u Tayler holder I'm a girl I love u Tayler holder I in love with your tik toks video And your ILcomp video it is so Nice and funny 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 🦄🦄🦄😘😘😘❤❤❤😍😍😍

    • You Mad?
      You Mad?

      Gib beat his ass

  • HerkDylanJR Woods
    HerkDylanJR Woods

    What a scam event!

  • HerkDylanJR Woods
    HerkDylanJR Woods

    Gib is the only ILcompr who didn’t disappoint, respect man

    • Tetrahedron IX
      Tetrahedron IX


  • Johnny Gargano
    Johnny Gargano

    Good news they changed the winner to gib

  • Mr Natural
    Mr Natural

    Draw? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Really? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahah HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA STFU REFS

  • Matt R
    Matt R

    Holder was a scrub and still got such a ball washing from these announcers.

  • danni

    Taylor dead ass needs to get humbled

  • ArsMadri FUT
    ArsMadri FUT


  • Ar Za0
    Ar Za0

    Gib has improved heaps.. I like the feints , mixing body shots ! Impressed tbh

  • Alex Chequer
    Alex Chequer

    9:08 ayo wtf

  • Ooo Chileee
    Ooo Chileee


  • dayton hedges
    dayton hedges

    What fight were those those judges watching?

  • Janiyah Madyun
    Janiyah Madyun

    the judges must be blind, Gib should have won that for sure.

  • Harris O.M.O
    Harris O.M.O

    49-46. 49-46. 50-46. =Draw Pardon me? What math were they using?

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    They both did very good but gib definitely won that

  • A.

    Blocked punches the slowmo did you dirty

  • Bayernfan89

    So for all the people that bet on gib coz how it got overturned and his officially won now.. do they get paid???? Anyone??????

  • big chungus
    big chungus

    that surprised me honestly

  • David Leon Jr
    David Leon Jr

    Tay trained for fives years 🤣😂🤡

  • Carlos & Oliver
    Carlos & Oliver

    Nah gibb won

  • Bri Terry
    Bri Terry

    I don't really know boxing so correct if I'm wrong but according to the stats they put up on the screen, Gib over doubled Tayler's score, clearly winning the fight...?

  • Shahlong phom
    Shahlong phom

    I can't believe those judges... They should not be made to judge again ever😂 If it's in mobile legend world then I would say nub.

  • Saleka Shorter
    Saleka Shorter

    Dang I thought Taylor was tough when he would always hit Markell but yet couldn’t win in a boxing fight

  • Dylan Jamerson
    Dylan Jamerson

    Bahahaha him and bryce just got a big talk game even after obviously losing. Theres a difference in street fighting guys with no training when you train. Tayler took that big left and was looking in the stands for his mom. Cheek bones swollen and all, saying i blocked all 40 documented lands to my head, i even blocked all those rib crusher you landed. Hahah full jokes from the tok boys

  • Dylan Jamerson
    Dylan Jamerson

    Woooooooowwwww... tayler must have paid someone for the tie because geeezzzz

  • Toxics

    Judges were praying on GIB’s downfall

  • Jacob Tauben
    Jacob Tauben

    Gib got robbed

  • Susanne Safarowic
    Susanne Safarowic

    Who won

  • Johnson Riles
    Johnson Riles

    Gin fucking sucks let’s be honest. You UK fans are delusional if you think he’s any good. Dude swings body punches for 5 rounds with his head down. Dude would get literally and I mean literally knocked the fuck out cold by anyone who can box decently well.

  • Mostafa Azouz
    Mostafa Azouz

    this is the best youtube boxing performance yet change my mind

  • Nelx


  • Jayson Valdez
    Jayson Valdez

    Taylor would won because he is tall

  • B3N_DUBZ


  • Its Predator
    Its Predator

    Commentators were so biased could tell it was rigged bumming off holder

  • Kaeljadon Davis
    Kaeljadon Davis

    fr tho the ref didn't even know taylor's name, mans had to lean in and whisper to make sure he knew whose hand to raise

  • A Name
    A Name

    How anyone though that Holder was on Gib’s level is beyond me..

  • 3ALUCH

    Paige STFU please.... jheeez every fight. “I’m a professional boxer” “this is coming from a professional boxer, he looks good out there”nobody gives a shit u got every fight wrong.

  • Vito paul
    Vito paul


  • Hendrik Geordin Herbst
    Hendrik Geordin Herbst

    The commentators are bias

  • WlfZy

    The commentator's forgot Gib is a monster and never gets tired

  • Johnathan fredo
    Johnathan fredo

    When it comes to boxing, I swear people in the comments have no idea what they're talking about. I get it, you guys love Gib, and I understand he had a lot of shots, but none of them really dazed Taylor Holder, so it's a draw. When it comes to arguments, you guys are just opinionated and act like a certain star.

  • Brian Kyalo
    Brian Kyalo

    these commentators are soooo biased!!!!

  • AustinGSF

    Someone put a little too much money on Taylor and had to cough up some more for the draw In order to keep that money. Holy fuck like there’s 0 chance any of the scoring of that much of a difference went anywhere near Taylor. 50-46??? That’s so drastic to mess up

  • Samual Teklu
    Samual Teklu

    why is keem keep on calling niko NEEKO

  • Sgt. Hishi Namasuhe
    Sgt. Hishi Namasuhe

    3:20 Tayler: *Blocks Gib's face Gib: I don't give a fuck and ooh, an open right body shot

  • Sgt. Hishi Namasuhe
    Sgt. Hishi Namasuhe

    This is Ultra instinct 7 Figure Gib

  • Mimtay

    What was all the talk about Taylor he's just a skinny white boy why were people afraid to fight him

  • Peter Gunnarsen
    Peter Gunnarsen

    49-46, 49-46 and 50-46 is a draw? Everyone who did 1st grade math knows that can’t be a possible draw.

  • drillakilla

    Blocking does.nt mean jack and you think you did good give your head a wobble softlad you got starched deal with it and move on..it's only your ego that's been hurt..stop making out that you deserved the draw..even though its been turned over to a win...these tictocker man!!

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