Buzzy Cohen: From 2017 Tournament of Champions Winner to Guest Host | JEOPARDY!
Buzzy Cohen talks about his Jeopardy! journey from contestant, to champ, to guest host.

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  • Ervin Stone
    Ervin Stone

    He the best

  • Jadzia Dax
    Jadzia Dax

    Lance Reddick should be given an opportunity to host Jeopardy. For those unfamiliar with him....currently he is the Host of America's Book of Secrets and he showed an outstanding performane as the Concierge of the Continental. Hotel in the movie John Wick. His personality and ease of grammar is very articulate, comfortable and relaxed JUST LIKE the Late Great Alex Trebek.

  • birdy1numnum

    Mr. Cohen really needs to stop waving his hands around. Thanks.

  • Gail Murphy
    Gail Murphy

    Buzzy is the best most natural jeopardy host so far this year - he would be great as a permanent host

  • Kevin Chau
    Kevin Chau

    Buzzy Cohen was great as Contestant, he's doing a very well as Guest Host

  • ken karwoski
    ken karwoski

    Buzzy is a GREAT guest host and I like how he told the former champions how the strategy of the game was and coming from the words of a former contestant, I give Buzzy credit and he knows his stuff and it's a drag he's not guest hosting the regular-play games, because he's doing a good job and I just can't stand some of the celebrity guest hosts and even though I'm a Republican AGAINST Trump, I just don't like some of their attitudes towards the contestants when it comes to dismissing them whether they're in the red or at zero and that's the reason!

  • jun carlos
    jun carlos

    This week showed this guy can be the next regular one. He's natural and he knows the amswers.

  • Annette Pora
    Annette Pora

    Watching Buzzy Cohen host Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. My opinion is he is the one to replace the incomparable Alex Trebek. Excellent professional and warm, spirited presentation.

  • Wicked Bear
    Wicked Bear

    Idk why, but his voice reminds me of Harold Ramis Anybody else hear it?

  • Garrett Wilkinson
    Garrett Wilkinson

    Best Guest Host to date

    • Kevin Chau
      Kevin Chau

      He was really good actually!

  • Jon Evans
    Jon Evans

    Buzzy is doing a great job! Just spare us from “Dr. Oz” and Anderson Cooper again!👍🏻

  • God

    What do you know... people like people who are "Safe" and PC. Just what a geeky show like Jeopardy! already needs: Another geek as ambassador.

  • Joseph Siegling _ Staff - NorthGarnerMS
    Joseph Siegling _ Staff - NorthGarnerMS

    ¡Buena suerte, Buzzy!

  • June Berry
    June Berry

    He did a great job hosting today. Unlike the other hosts that took a few days to warm up & find their rhythms, he seemed like he's been the host for years. IMO I think he should be made the new permanent host.

    • Jacquelyn Michalski
      Jacquelyn Michalski

      Buzzy is the best host over all the others. He should get the host job permanently

    • Linda Fischer
      Linda Fischer

      I agree! Buzzy Cohen for Jeopardy host! He's the best!

  • Cleopatra Demers
    Cleopatra Demers

    Buzzy Cohen! The game is alive and exciting again! The search for the permanent host is over!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Gail Lezak
      Gail Lezak

      Great host. Jeopardy is finally excellent again. Buzzy brings back the excitement. The search is over.

  • Kathy Wilmer
    Kathy Wilmer

    I want Buzzy to be the permanent Jeopardy host. Great charisma and energy. Love the Buzz!

    • blue33

      @Linda Fischer I guess it's different strokes. I find Buzzy to be wrong for the role of host. I've tried watching him but end up turning it off after a few minutes. The way he barks, "CORRECT!" "RIGHT!" is unnerving. For me, it's Aaron Rodgers or Mike Richards. *I would love to see them try James Holzhauer or that bartender guy (forgot his name.)

    • Linda Fischer
      Linda Fischer

      @Kevin Chau Aaron Rodgers is BORINGGG!

    • Kevin Chau
      Kevin Chau

      Buzzy Cohen is awesome but Aaron Rodgers should be Permanent Host of Jeopardy

    • Linda Fischer
      Linda Fischer

      I agree! Buzzy Cohen for Jeopardy host! He's the best!

    • June Berry
      June Berry

      I agree.

  • Ms. Libra Yanesa
    Ms. Libra Yanesa

    He's the one. The show is alive.

  • Dean Sluyter
    Dean Sluyter

    I was in the studio audience for Buzzy's initial run, and you could feel how much Alex loved him.

  • Linda Fischer
    Linda Fischer

    Buzzy Cohen for Jeopardy host! He's the best!

    • Linda Fischer
      Linda Fischer

      @Wicked Bear He's the best!

    • Wicked Bear
      Wicked Bear

      He's pretty good, but there won't be an official host until September

  • Brodie2005 TheGamer
    Brodie2005 TheGamer

    Jeopardy will never be the same without Alex Trebek

  • Christopher Lacroix
    Christopher Lacroix


  • SCJ

    Buzzy Cohen isn't a tool, he's the entire goddamn toolshed. It's painful to watch anything including him as a contestant, let alone as a host.

  • Riley Hun
    Riley Hun

    I honestly didn't really like Buzzy from the beginning, but starting to warm up to him. He was also a good captain in the All Stars Games. Still would have preferred Ken to be the host of the ToC and eventually permanent host.

  • Jerri Tanner
    Jerri Tanner

    This video has me smiling! Something tells me that he’ll easily become one of my top 3 choices for the permanent host. Knock it out of the park, Buzzy!

  • theR0nin

    Looking forward to watching! The other guest hosts have been too reserved, too controlled, too hesitant to be themselves. I bet Buzzy won't have that problem!

    • theR0nin

      @JPuga I'm not thinking of how much they talk, but of _how_ they talk. A host should strive to speak confidently and naturally IMO. BTW I feel Buzzy is doing better in that regard than others have, but still has room for improvement.

    • JPuga

      But then everyone hated katie couric for rambling

  • Tristan Gardner
    Tristan Gardner

    I still haven't forgotten the 2017 Tournament of Champions when Austin, Alan, and Buzzy made Johnny Gilbert laugh at the end of his introduction, especially when Alex joined in on the fun. And Alex was right: it's contagious! I loved that intro.

  • Pete Martin
    Pete Martin

    bro Buzzy is a real one who actually wants this. i'm stoked for him.

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    The ToC Buzzy won was definitely the best one.

  • Nancy Austin
    Nancy Austin

    Good luck you deserve this shot. Alex would be proud. 👍😊

  • Alexander Wells
    Alexander Wells

    Since i stopped using jokes on contestants i'm not Alex Trebek

  • Alexander Wells
    Alexander Wells

    Buzzy Cohen got his wish as a guest host starting on Monday

  • Kyle Baxter
    Kyle Baxter

    Seeing Buzzy as a contestant was awesome. Seeing him as the guest host will be even more awesome.

  • 8-Bit Emerald Enzo
    8-Bit Emerald Enzo

    Oh yes! I knew that guy is amazing in Jeopardy during his time.

  • MC_doggy YT
    MC_doggy YT

    I love the show Alex was a legend 😢

  • Core Dream Studios
    Core Dream Studios

    This should be good, let's do this.