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  • ken karwoski
    ken karwoski

    Just out of curiosity, what nationality is Vice President Kamala Harris's husband?

    • Dave the Assassin
      Dave the Assassin

      Doug Emhoff is a Jewish American from Brooklyn, IIRC

  • Frenite

    I got 3/5 correct

  • tammy davis
    tammy davis

    Jamaican slave trade heritage would have been more accurate ;)

  • Dennis Cain
    Dennis Cain

    Still with the Salmon Chase joked.

  • Drewjd2

    Kampala Scaris🎃

  • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
    Major Old Lady aka, Mom

    Hate these short clips. Just more click bait. 👎🏼 More commercial time than the 1:13 vid time aka, ugh. Kick it up, or we are unsubbing.

    • Neil

      That's why I watch the actual show nightly, these clips mean nothing to me.😊

    • Jacob Ridge
      Jacob Ridge

      The title is literally what the video is. This is not click bait.

  • Rex Racer
    Rex Racer

    This character quotes from _The World Almanac_ about the post office in 1947’s _Miracle on 34th Street._ Correct response: Who is Fred Gailey?

  • Kangarooster

    Why is this in my subscriptions? I most definitely did not subscribe to this channel.

    • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom

      Do you have kids, a spouse, a co-worker, a roommate, a mean friend? QUESTION: WHO HAS ACCESS TO MY PHONE or computer??? ANSWER: Figure it out! Alternative answer? Who/what is a dingbat? 🤣 😖 🤣

    • buddabudda

      It's easy to do it accidentally, especially on mobile

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    I never had a 10,000 💵 Bill 😥

    • Sarah Waters
      Sarah Waters

      @Major Old Lady aka, Mom Well, for now, until Melinda gets them. 😁

    • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom

      Bill Gates does... 🤣

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    I missed the 4th

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis


    • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom

      It's 9-11. They chose that date, in honor of our 911 emergency call system.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    Kamala Harris

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    Neil Diamond 💎

    • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom

      Song Sung Blues... and so many more... ⚘🙏❤🙏⚘

  • Charles Lumia
    Charles Lumia

    4/5 for me. I missed the first one...

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