Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)
Final Bulls game !

MJ should have ended his career with this match

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    Paul Blackman

    Stockton for stims?

  • Wanderson Dassie
    Wanderson Dassie

    Malone Irving Charles b sofriam com Jordan

  • Mike Peshko
    Mike Peshko


  • Wait

    13/32 thats terrible ngl kd just went like 16/22 mike still the goat but thats tuff

    • Litdip 287
      Litdip 287

      This a finals game tho, KD was a playoff

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    Bryan Loke

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    Rafay Raza

    someone explain to me how this has over 45 million views but the guy who posted has only 143K. Show some respect to my guy.

  • Easy Cooking
    Easy Cooking

    Watching from Kuwait all the way to the Philippines until this moment and its June 2021 now.. Raised your Hands to all 80's and 90's Kids like ME

  • JustcallmeKiefer

    This guy is good he should be on NBA. LeBron will steamroll this bloke.

  • JustcallmeKiefer

    This guy is good he should be on NBA. LeBron will steamroll this bloke.

  • jay pee
    jay pee

    I’m not a Jordan fan but, I respect his game

  • John Smith
    John Smith

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    Walter White

    It's more better if Jackson and Jordan kiss for the last time.. 😁

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    what i like was no flopping... I miss that

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    Ayo that's the baby face Gsw Coach right ? (Steve Kerr)😂

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    Stockton underated.

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    I had Pippen sneakers, from a store.

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    Cherry Dumaog

    Straight up Killa !! #MJ23GOAT

  • Dan Thompson Bateria
    Dan Thompson Bateria

    His last 3 minutes, but the video is 13 XD

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  • kevin wagner
    kevin wagner

    Back then, a bulls game was a religious experience in our home. Surround sound in the basement with the entire family for every game. Rootbeer & popcorn. Now I don't even watch the NBA with all this BLM BS. And the NBA sold out to China. Traitors!

  • A F T
    A F T

    *Now, compare all this to the crap that is the NBA today... NBA games back then were memorable.*

  • Chip Rucker
    Chip Rucker

    This came up on youtube again. Jordan driving to the basket (out of control) and gets bailed out with a foul call. As time goes on I feel less and less towards the NBA

  • MrAkwardMoment

    Kobe would do the same shi

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  • La Gente Se Ofende Fácil
    La Gente Se Ofende Fácil

    A true legend

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    Wautier Cassoma Diogo

    Great Mike

  • J Davis
    J Davis

    The best. That's ever been.



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    Esse era fera mesmo

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    Jordan travels at 2:45

  • Gabriel Casamayor
    Gabriel Casamayor

    I admire Michael a lot Jordan for all their sport feats. My respect, affection and appreciation for him. Champions of their size will always live in the humanity's hearts.

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    King Lion


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  • Sus as bus cuzzo
    Sus as bus cuzzo

    Bro imagine what history would’ve been like if Stockton made that shot

  • 69 Savage
    69 Savage

    For the people in the comments comparing eras, how about you compare the defense played against jordan and against players like curry. After the crossover everybody stayed in the paint praying the shot won't fall when it could've took atleast 2-3 steps to contest the shot. nowadays all the players run to guard somebody near halfcourt instead of praying the player doesn't make it


    Hmm, is it his final game? He came back with the jersey number 45 to play his last game in around 2000


      @ray simth he joint the chicago bulls for one more game with the number 45 in around 2000

    • ray simth
      ray simth

      Last game in the bulls jersey

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    The Greatest

  • Бениамин Коринфельд
    Бениамин Коринфельд

    John Stockton lives in everybody us. Everyone us,=/+/- of 6 foots. And Stockton just still alive! Stockton - the greatest double team all over the world. Just smart congratulations, Jonny! From russian english with love!

  • jpsirera

    Que capo!!! No los hacen mas así a los deportistas!!! El maradona del Básquet.

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  • Aaron Blake
    Aaron Blake

    Maybe the greatest finish ever for any sports

  • RipeVeggie

    Yo Michael Jordan is elite and he comes in clutch when you need him

  • flogtwo


  • javier solis martinez
    javier solis martinez

    45 million views have now this video, and Jordan scored 45 points. Amazing!!!


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    The best play ever

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    MJ the GOAT

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  • Roderick Moten
    Roderick Moten

    I'm sorry....but Lebron ain't done nothing like that 🤷🏾‍♂️Facts

  • Kaideyan Aideyan
    Kaideyan Aideyan

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  • Loki D. Wolf
    Loki D. Wolf

    I'm trippin that I remember seeing this game live yet, watching it here I thought it was live all over again. I was stressin'! LOL

  • BURTONisAjerk

    The goat 🐐

  • Genius

    This is legendary

  • oscar sterling
    oscar sterling

    and then it was the push

  • oscar sterling
    oscar sterling

    13 of 32 god damn

  • C Joe
    C Joe

    Rodman's hair is a head of aged broccoli

  • Gauge Bur
    Gauge Bur

    So nice seeing no phones.

  • JayFLick Trinity
    JayFLick Trinity



    If jordan didn't retire the bulls could of won 8 straight titles

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    Joao Felix

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  • DonnieTheSportsGuy

    90s basketball was the shit. Rather watch curling than today’s NBA lol

  • Careface CVP
    Careface CVP

    up up✔✔✔✔✔

  • JGS the truth
    JGS the truth


  • Reg Ru
    Reg Ru

    I remembered that I was making my second kid with my wife.

  • Logo McNab
    Logo McNab

    5:35 is homies NBA shining moment: slapping Karl Malone on the ass.

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