Aaron Rodgers Wins 2015 ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Tournament | JEOPARDY!
A look back at guest host Aaron Rodgers’ 2015 Celebrity Jeopardy! win.
#AaronRodgers #CelebrityJeopardy!
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  • Rohan Chaurasia
    Rohan Chaurasia

    I can't believe I would have won this had I been there

  • Captain Kyogre
    Captain Kyogre

    Little did he know, 6 years later he would be hosting the show for a special

    • Captain Kyogre
      Captain Kyogre

      @MasterDoge987 😂lol true

    • MasterDoge987

      And would instantly get trolled by a contestant less than 30 minutes in

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise

    I got it right!!! Just saying

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams

    Anyone rocking the cardigan...ain't kidding about Jeopardy....

  • Influx27

    Good lord, this one barely requires any knowledge at all! Two business men who are both associated with motorcycles. There is no other motorcycle company whose name comes from two different names combined! SMH 😂 Shame on you, Aaron Charles Rodgers. You live in Wisconsin, and Harley-Davidson is based out of Milwaukee!

    • Gene Mars
      Gene Mars

      How can ANYONE not know that those are Harley & Davidson?! ESPECIALLY since they're posing on MOTORCYCLES. I'm tempted to wonder if the highly intelligent Rodgers deliberately gave a wrong answer.

  • smmalafa1

    Booooooo Rodgers. Booo.

  • Gaming Celebrity
    Gaming Celebrity

    Aaron Rodgers did a good job hosting the show. He should consider doing this when he retires one day,

  • TK

    Now that he is no longer employed by NFL, this gig would be perfect for him as he is a know-it-all

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    I want to see Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy vs Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady.

    • ohhellyeah 287
      ohhellyeah 287

      That would be lit

  • Larry Schad
    Larry Schad

    Mr Wonderful is a dumbass, no wonder he just rips off entrepreneurs now.

  • Jack Bronson
    Jack Bronson

    The other celebs they got were idiots.

  • Jack Ashmore
    Jack Ashmore

    Alex trebek treating Aaron better than the packers front office

  • Roel Reyna
    Roel Reyna

    Honestly, I like Ken Jennings as a host

  • Carlos Valverde
    Carlos Valverde

    Damn Aaron looks like Joey

  • Zebruh

    Aaron was just thinking “man how did i eff that math up so bad”

    • I Love Kpop :D
      I Love Kpop :D

      the math is fine, its so that if the 3rd player goes all in and gets it correct, and aaron also is correct, he would have 1 more dollar

  • Gcool243

    Sometimes you forget he went to Cal, which is a ridiculously good school

  • AttilatheThrilla

    Damn Kevin O’Leary was dumb as fuck in this 🤣

  • Tona Cornelius
    Tona Cornelius

    The best moment is the confident Mr. Rodger's answer - E&Y - i cannot stop laughing - whenever I need a quick shot of endorphin - I have it saved and watch it again- al the more reason to have Aaron Rodgers as the host of Jeopardy!

    • Gene Mars
      Gene Mars

      Did he deliberately give a wrong answer? Rodgers is a VERY intelligent person and the motorcycles in the photo are a dead giveaway.

  • SeikiBrian

    Ford and Pontiac? Okay, Ford was a businessman and automaker (as was Olds, of Oldsmobile), but "Pontiac" is a corruption of the name of an Ottowa chief named Obwandiyag, and was used as the name of a GM brand as well as a city in Michigan.

    • Zanti

      I'd have guessed Ford and Chevrolet myself, knowing the cars were at least named after real people. Either way, it overlooks the key clue in the photo.

  • S. Tse
    S. Tse

    GO BEARS!!!

  • NoraTheFish

    I got that answer..😆🛵! Aaron would be a great Jeopardy host.🏆

  • J.D. Sutton
    J.D. Sutton

    Mark Kelly could have won haha

    • Zanti

      A bet of $0 to $199 by Kelly would have been inspired, figuring Rodgers will bet enough to cover a max bet from him. If that happens, the cover bet from Rodgers puts him under Kelly if both miss it, and Kelly wins. Now, if Rodgers thinks Kelly will bet small, he can also bet small, but then he risks losing if Kelly bets the max. In Kelly's place, I'd be guessing that a competitor like Rodgers goes for the cover bet, not willing to risk losing with a bet that might look wimpy. Final Jeopardy betting can be a fun little guessing game.

  • david lewis
    david lewis

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooo

  • Jeanette Richardson
    Jeanette Richardson

    I’m glad that Mark lost! He should not be the senator here in AZ! I would love to see the ballots that were filled in for him!

  • neil1030

    His hair looked better then. Too slicked back now.

  • igloo zoo
    igloo zoo

    I think Sturgill Simpson and Aaron Rogers is the same person.

  • rheann g
    rheann g

    hearing alex's voice 🥺 i miss him

  • zibbity bibbity bop
    zibbity bibbity bop

    I've been legitimately impressed by how well Rodgers has done as host so far, so much so that now I genuinely hope he gets to be the permanent successor. He has an abiding respect for Trebek as the greatest game show host of all time, and he'd do an excellent job of honoring his legacy. I think Trebek would be satisfied leaving his show in such capable hands.

    • Yvonne Cook
      Yvonne Cook

      I agree, for sure...I think Aaron Rogers did a great job...he's smart, easy to understand, has charisma, has a good sense of humor, too. My friends fans of Jeopardy all like Rogers, and we wants the job!!

    • P. Doetsch
      P. Doetsch

      He's too CA laid back and is low energy. Doesn't impress me.

  • Joe Chiodi
    Joe Chiodi

    That final jeopardy was simple.


    The NFL quarterback beat an astronaut and future Senator! 😂

    • Christian Soldier
      Christian Soldier

      @Amadis Demitrius Being smart isnt the point of Jeopardy . You have to have a lot of knowledge of trivia on a wide range of things . Someone like an astronaut is more likely to only know about things pertaining to astronauts and not diverse trivia.

    • Amadis Demitrius
      Amadis Demitrius

      @Christian Soldier well, an astronaut is generally a highly educated and skilled expert, and a senator is reportedly supposed to be smart, but I've not seen any evidence.

    • Christian Soldier
      Christian Soldier

      Tristin.Black What does being an astronaut or a senator have to do with playing Jeopardy?

    • Ruben Thompson
      Ruben Thompson

      He also beat a billionaire And for that reason, I’m out

    • solopilot1000

      Many such cases

  • Cleopatra Demers
    Cleopatra Demers

    This is why l think Aaron Rogers would make a great permanent host of Jeopardy. Even though some people have commented that he is too sedate for the role, he really does make you laugh when his humor shines through. I believe he would grow into the role just fabulously. Alex cannot be replaced but Aaron can make it his own.

    • Calloway Schmidt
      Calloway Schmidt

      Agreed, Aaron is hilarious and surprisingly intelligent.

    • Dylan Goldstein
      Dylan Goldstein

      @Mark Holtebeck exactly! alex wasn't always the nicest but that's the show the needs sometimes lol

    • Cleopatra Demers
      Cleopatra Demers

      @turner45555 lf only 😊

    • turner45555

      who are you, his agent?

    • gutenbird

      @Gcool243 I’ve never really liked his personality on commercials. But I was surprised at how watchable he is on Jeopardy. Of course it might be nice to see someone who hasn’t had a huge career have a shot at hosting.

  • dallas cowboysSB2020
    dallas cowboysSB2020


  • ken karwoski
    ken karwoski

    I think Aaron Rodgers should be the next Alex Trebek!

  • Mike Studmuffin
    Mike Studmuffin

    I knew that answer! I'm so happy right now!

  • Rhonda Traywick
    Rhonda Traywick

    Aaron should stick to Football 🏈!

    • William Sinclair
      William Sinclair


  • JJ Cameron
    JJ Cameron

    I vote for Aaron as new Jeopardy host. He's done a good job this past week and would likely grow into it as he gets in the saddle. Good job Aaron!

    • Yvonne Cook
      Yvonne Cook

      @Marie Kano - Me too! My vote for permanent host would be the charismatic Aaron Rovers! Funny, too!

    • L P
      L P

      @P. Doetsch Exactly. These knobs don’t know what they’re talking about

    • P. Doetsch
      P. Doetsch

      He's low energy. Not impressed.

    • Jeanette Richardson
      Jeanette Richardson

      ME TOO! Please make him permanent!

    • Marie Kano
      Marie Kano

      Exactly! He's perfect! Give him time to get a feel of the game and get comfortable. He'll get into the mojo. It takes time. It took Alex 30 plus years to perfect his craft. When you work at the same job for so long you get so used to it and so comfortable. Its only been a week for Aaron. Let him grow

  • Rick Rarick
    Rick Rarick

    My first thought was the Dodge brothers, but then quickly realized Harley-Davidson.

  • Tony Bowman
    Tony Bowman

    The abashed employer pharmacologically spell because anthropology consistently polish after a wakeful peace. mature, silent thumb

  • MClayton 25
    MClayton 25

    The Dude abides

  • Screw It Up
    Screw It Up

    Aaron doing a great job so far

  • Janean Hons
    Janean Hons

    The zonked oval complimentarily help because product conjecturally crack following a abusive brown. entertaining, gorgeous copper

  • Betty Capps
    Betty Capps

    He seemed a bit boring. Ho-hum 😴

  • Sketchbag

    Rodgers should most certainly be the next Jeopardy host, please?! *He could do both

  • Craig Goetsch
    Craig Goetsch

    That's the Final Jeopardy question Aaron got wrong??? Dude, you work in Wisconsin. How the fuck do you get Harley and Davidson on a motorcycle wrong??? As a Wisconsinite, they are the default answer for early 20th century businessmen.

    • deewhyzee

      And what in the world was he thinking when answering EY?!

  • PartheNaan

    Who else thought Aaron Rodgers won because he knew the correct answer?? 😂

    • ANTOMIN 1
      ANTOMIN 1

      IKR....especially since the company was founded in Wisconsin....like...C'MON MAN

  • Sahith Reddy
    Sahith Reddy

    Aaron Rodgers looks a lot like Alex Smith in this

    • seykustar

      Nope, Alex Smith looks a lot like Aaron Rodgers.

  • Frenite

    Mark Kelly is a Senator now

    • Nathan .Guerrero
      Nathan .Guerrero

      I was just thinking about that!

  • j g
    j g

    In just happy I got it right and they all got out wrong 🤣 just a wild guess based on the bikes lol

  • Poverty Spec
    Poverty Spec

    Answer: Arrogant choker who has been to fewer Super Bowls than 25 year old Patrick Mahomes Question: Who is 37 year old Aaron Rodgers?

  • The Sage Millennial
    The Sage Millennial

    He cheated here just like he does at LamBlow.

    • Jonah R
      Jonah R


  • rticle15

    Celebrity Jeopardy is fun for those of us who dont know the answers to real Jeopardy questions. I like questions like "Name something green," or "it's your middle name."

    • Steve B
      Steve B

      States that end in Hampshire

    • Matthew Conroy
      Matthew Conroy

      I still get those wrong

    • Sharky165

      Right...where is Will Ferrell when we really need him ?? 🤣

  • Nexusly

    Definitely one of Alex's favorite shows 👌

  • deewhyzee

    Aaron Rodgers -- wanting to work in consulting since 2015.

  • syakimi azhar
    syakimi azhar

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  • Jimmy Catalina
    Jimmy Catalina

    I'll guess, Who are Harley and Davidson?

  • Ethan Menzel
    Ethan Menzel

    I am missing his voice. His voice sounds dated compared to the guest hosts and like a recorded record

  • TheSpoilerofVirgins

    Question? Who's an overrated & overpaid QB in the NFC, and when they CHOKE in the playoffs time after time, doesn't except any responsibility, but still gets $$$.

    • Jim Brashear
      Jim Brashear

      Who is Russel Wilson?

    • Ethan Jones
      Ethan Jones

      You must be a fan of another team in the nfc north 😂

    • Only Sweat
      Only Sweat

      Aaron Litterally outplayed Brady and his blocking was shit😭

    • adam c
      adam c

      Mr. incelito with the hot snakes take!

  • fullervisiondotnet

    Alex channeling his inner Will Ferrell "I'm surrounded by idiots" vibe.

    • AttilatheThrilla

      “Why do I even bother?” 🤣

    • Ian McConnaha
      Ian McConnaha

      "I feel like I'm going to punch you." 😂

  • Chandler Sampson
    Chandler Sampson

    Overall, the guest hosts have done a wonderful job. I have enjoyed Ken the most so far and I think Aaron will do a great job as well. But, oh my, we sure miss you Alex 💔

  • Tegridy

    I got the answer right.

  • Matthew Hanly
    Matthew Hanly

    “This QB has more turnovers than TD’s in 5 combined NFC Championship game starts”

    • Matthew Hanly
      Matthew Hanly

      @No Cap You literally have no cap as your name your the one trying to be funny, and what I said isn’t actually really a joke it’s a fact.

    • No Cap
      No Cap

      @Matthew Hanly jokes are usually funny. It's okay maybe you'll figure out comedy sometime before Frank Gore retires.

    • Eugenius Bear
      Eugenius Bear

      That would be your mom and your uncle Louie

    • Matthew Hanly
      Matthew Hanly

      @Natnael Guliano Well guys this is it Natnael does not care about my ILcomp comment time to end it all. It’s a joke man.

    • Natnael Guliano
      Natnael Guliano

      Nobody cares

  • Tristan Gardner
    Tristan Gardner

    The celebrities made that game fun, but Alex made the game even more fun. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    • Tristan Gardner
      Tristan Gardner

      Everyone who loved and knew him misses him.

    • ken karwoski
      ken karwoski

      Alex Trebek was the man and I do miss him!

  • TD Barry
    TD Barry

    POV: you’re here from Pat McAfee show

    • Max Babl
      Max Babl

      I’m actually not

  • Joey Tebben
    Joey Tebben

    Shoutout to now-Senator Mark Kelly, who was also in this game.

  • chad ho
    chad ho

    I can wait to see Aaron.

  • Don Vu
    Don Vu

    I still remember this episode.

  • Rudy Iraheta
    Rudy Iraheta

    how much will aaron earn with $25000 on $8399

  • Chris Finch
    Chris Finch

    Remembered watching this not that long ago. What a win and guy that was.

  • Lena S
    Lena S

    Love it! Thanks!!

  • leftenantthunder

    God I miss Alex

  • Prithvi Sudhakar
    Prithvi Sudhakar

    0:44 The moment you came here to see

    • Chris Finch
      Chris Finch

      No one ever did it better than he did.

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