Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

  • MLG Highlights
    MLG Highlights

    LeBron James injury update & upcoming Lakers vs Warriors play-in matchup Watch: ilcomp.info/home/r4qPfWmZqsymhNs/wyd-w.html

    • Jon Dave
      Jon Dave

      Aaron stpaul

    • Jon Dave
      Jon Dave

      Normani normanpowell

  • IPhantum

    What shoes was Bron wearing? They look sick af

  • Pure Servers
    Pure Servers

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  • Ram Zel
    Ram Zel


  • Wurlag

    WEak,Lakers will not see playoffs...

  • ahmed butawan
    ahmed butawan


  • Favour Jordan
    Favour Jordan

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  • Edward Herrera
    Edward Herrera

    Kuzma busting a t Mac move..

  • Toy - Man
    Toy - Man

    the commentators are in an empty pool, or a cave, I guess. LOL

  • Evil Can Opener Vega
    Evil Can Opener Vega

    is it me...or the video quality looks like shit?


    Nice to see Gasol hoop!

  • Hipolito Surielreyes
    Hipolito Surielreyes

    Lakers campeón

  • Neva R
    Neva R

    lebron is not jumping high like he usually does that ankle is still stopping him from being 100%

  • jun liang chen
    jun liang chen


  • TheyLoveHisGrace

    No one talking bout those moves bledsoe did on caruso and teammates on 2:25 ?

  • Ewoks AreprettyFuzzy
    Ewoks AreprettyFuzzy

    Kuzma had a decent game, went blonde, realized he sucks again, reversed the bleach, waiting to see him do a Rodman next

  • özgür kaya
    özgür kaya

    Vurry is gonna kill thisteam

  • IbTusPeter

    Joel Meyers and Antonio Daniels are without a doubt the worst broadcast team in basketball. Daniels especially. I doubt even Pelicans fans like listening to them. As a Laker fan, I hated that Joel Meyers was the main play-by-play commentator through the Kobe championship years. It should've been Paul Sunderland or Spero Dedes.

  • Sky Le Pancake
    Sky Le Pancake

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  • Meghann Alt
    Meghann Alt

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  • Juan moyano
    Juan moyano

    Caruso bloqueando a un Lakers. Hace rato que sobra en el equipo. Rondo era 10 veces mejor 😡

  • Ilias Liosis
    Ilias Liosis

    Tf is Principal Skinner broadcasting the game?

  • Keej Vaj
    Keej Vaj

    Defund all athletes! Defund the NBA, and Defund ESPN!!!

  • Lord Evans
    Lord Evans

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  • 김조우커

    르브론 있고없고가 확실히 틀리네....

  • mario yu
    mario yu

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    • Ruben Aj
      Ruben Aj

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  • mario yu
    mario yu

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  • larry diaz
    larry diaz

    YESSSSS LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dre

    Wt...did kuz just do? omg love that play there

    • Ruben Aj
      Ruben Aj

      Becareful and vigilant only w'h'a't's'a'p'p + “1”2”6”9”8”1”5”6”4”5”5

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    360 doubledwcker bus

  • Airgildjane

    NBA commentators sounded like cartoon characters

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro


    • Ruben Aj
      Ruben Aj

      Becareful and vigilant only w'h'a't's'a'p'p + “1”2”6”9”8”1”5”6”4”5”5

  • Aura

    Pels would've easily gotten to the playoffs if they we're healthy. Griffin's got to do something about hack a' Zion.

  • - Mazil -
    - Mazil -

    I honestly don't understand why Gasol is not used more ! He is such a high impact player either with his defense, playmaking or scoring! Love his energy even this late in his career! Hope coach would give him more minutes!

    • landey grocks
      landey grocks

      marc gives me that rondo vibe come playoff time, don't think vogel would waste him, let's see

  • - Mazil -
    - Mazil -

    Lakers look soo much better with Lebron back!

    • Ruben Aj
      Ruben Aj

      Becareful and vigilant only w'h'a't's'a'p'p + “1”2”6”9”8”1”5”6”4”5”5

  • JustHuman

    4:32 That finnish by lebron is crazy. Just look how he crossed over with one step.

  • K C
    K C

    No Zion, No Ingram, No ball, No Hart. Letoilet with bunch of superstars 😂😂😂

  • Tony Fett
    Tony Fett

    No defense at all by any...good game still,Lakers rule....go Yiannis though !!


    1:17 i lost it when he said u cant call travel on him lol

  • Nana Anane
    Nana Anane

    Man, James Johnson always gets the best of Andre Drummond



  • Scott -O
    Scott -O

    Thanks MLG for another year of great highlights👏🏻👍🙌🏻

    • MLG Highlights
      MLG Highlights

      No problem 👍

  • Dan N
    Dan N

    When you pass ball to the board and rebound it for dunk. Do u added rebound +1 and assist to yourself +1 and FGA +2?

  • Hoang Quynh Phuong
    Hoang Quynh Phuong

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  • rBot

    Schröder looking very Solid

  • Ablinkon time
    Ablinkon time

    This is a bit too long to be called highlights.

  • Jr Aguinaldo
    Jr Aguinaldo

    Lakers must win the last game... Round 1 will be against the Clippers

  • Marcus Hester
    Marcus Hester

    Well GOAT JAMES look pretty good to me. On to the WARRIORS

  • Borneo Boys
    Borneo Boys

    KCP is the Key

  • kev lpre
    kev lpre

    man gasol doing some caviar assist

  • Nell.W

    Wow lakers got it together just in time for playoffs gonna be a hell of a playoffs can't wait!!! 😁


    james at 36 years of age,,awesome his been looking after himself,,

  • Cornel Smith
    Cornel Smith

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  • Jacky Kong
    Jacky Kong

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  • Johlenon Luna
    Johlenon Luna

    LeBron about to activate "Play-in" mode. LeBron looks LOCKED IN already! These playoffs about to be 🔥 🔥 🔥 Can't wait!

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo

    Lakers gonna play in playoffs ? Or not

  • Frenk L
    Frenk L

    06:06 Nice one Kuz

  • Jon Dave
    Jon Dave

    Churchsex St and send it to you ☺️ I can get the morning to get the morning and send it was the horn 😂

  • Jon Dave
    Jon Dave


  • Jon Dave
    Jon Dave


  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison

    The pelicans are garbage

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    this is bullshit 100

  • Bris l
    Bris l

    5:52 Yal think lebron traveled on that possession ? 😂😂

  • guy roel anzoumana
    guy roel anzoumana


  • Bryan Bondad
    Bryan Bondad

    Marc Gasol ability to make a hard pass is crazy

    • Floyd Alexander
      Floyd Alexander

      Makes it look so easy. But not everyone can do it.

  • Junie Neis
    Junie Neis

    Lakers allstar game,,back to back dunk

  • Haydar Can Ertas
    Haydar Can Ertas

    Lebron is the most underrated scorer of all time, I’m not specifically talking about this game but since that guy hit to floor he takes over the whole offense

  • cdertx ewsdsa
    cdertx ewsdsa

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  • LEN YO
    LEN YO

    Marc gasol can really pass that ball

  • Marco Lindner
    Marco Lindner

    3:47 Can someone please explain how this is not a travel?

    • Are you not Entertained?
      Are you not Entertained?

      That 3point jumpshot you callin a travel? lol

    • Jenny Pal
      Jenny Pal


  • Muris Halilovic
    Muris Halilovic

    Second Pel unit vs full lakers and just 12 points at the end. Lakers you have a problem.

  • TeddyRuc TeddyRuc
    TeddyRuc TeddyRuc

    2: 25 🎳 strike

  • mskidi

    1:25...if they called half of his travels', he'd have reached 12.000 turnovers by now.

  • ax c.
    ax c.

    Seems fitting for the tournament champs to only defend their title in another tournament. "The Florida Mickey Mouse Covid-19 Watered Down Asteriskes Cancelled Season Bubble Tournament" Too bad the season was canceled last year and we couldn't finish off the season find out who would have really won the Larry OB but it seems fitting for The Los Angeles Fakers to win a fake trophy because LeBum traded the whole team away and sat out that whole season in doing so all while drinking wine on the bench only to come back and win a Fake half ass Tournament that even Kobe Bryant would have never called that a championship but LeBum walkes around puffing his chest out like he is something tough🙄. It's almost like he needed to do so to save face because nobody wanted to play with him and was left to play with nothing but garbage players the season they won the tournament haha because it wasn't as important to anyone else in the NBA except maybe gianis lol. That's why nobody wanted to play with him again this season and you guys were stuck with even worse players 😂. He destroyed your organization and is about to leave genie buss high and dry. He tricked y'all by making you think he is 🐐 because he made his name while playing in the Eastern conference the weaker conference and only chased his numbers. He was one of the luckiest guys to avoid exposure by building a wall of followers who follow around him waiting for him to toss his jockstrap so they can fight over it and claim they sniffed it first. Nothing came out of the East Coast so long that when a puff of garbage rolls up to the sky the media covered it like it was the feather in Forrest Gump. That's why he is a media darling and his back by a bunch of East Coast silver spoon over privileged soft handed overgrown Daddy's kids that threw their money behind him and their media connections. As soon as he came over here he became a bigger whiner than he already was and developed his wino habits. Kobe Bryant didn't even like him but had to pretend he did because Gigi admired him and did what and your dad would do and suck up his pride to take his daughter to a basketball game. Faker fans are the worst 🤮 You always some delusional mothersuckers who try to make everything into a storyline straight out of a movie 😵‍💫. Y'all suck! ✳️🌬️✳️😷✳️☠️✳️🐁✳️💦✳️💭🏆 🗜️🎭🖤

  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu

    Five in a row, LeKing is unstoppable~#LakeShow~#Lakers4life

  • Kram Selanreb
    Kram Selanreb

    playoff mode by Lakers !

  • 1BALINT1

    I'm a die hard Laker, but damn I miss watching Zion...thankfully The King is back in time!

    • Green Right Hand
      Green Right Hand

      Since 2019 or 2020

  • Irackk

    easy W bitchhh

  • HeavyLifted

    If LBJ did Kuzma's dunk it would've been listed at a top 10 play lol

  • Ol Goat
    Ol Goat

    Man i wish Gasol was younger..l really high IQ guy

  • brook 1996
    brook 1996

    Another good play by gasol

  • Hec

    poorest starting 5 of poor Pelicans.........

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc

    Some might hate Lakers for getting a play-in spot. But if they manage to get past it, it might actually be a blessing in disguise. As AD and LBJ has been out a lot lately it will be extra game(s) for them to get back into rythm for the play-off.

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino

    That Move Of KUZMA, He learning from Lebron 😉

    • Tbb Nell
      Tbb Nell


  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino

    Where are them other guys as Zion , Lonzo And Ingram ?

    • Bodian Landing
      Bodian Landing

      Zion injured. Zo and BI rested as the team is eliminated from playoff contention anyways.

  • Unbiased Tobias
    Unbiased Tobias

    Them 3 was gone cuz they were secretly working on they game together

  • kooldadz

    LBJ AD DRUMOND KUZMA GASOL MORRIS HARREL ...dami palang DAMULAG😂 pwera pa yung nasa bench.

  • Jason Saw
    Jason Saw

    Holy shit Marc Gasol, POINT BIG!

  • 0netyr

    I like how Caruso steps his A game up when lebron is on the court

    • m721ac

      Ecactly my point earlier.bron should preserve himself as much as possible.his floor presence alone is enough to fuel his team mates and start winning games by themselves.

    • Jesse Arce
      Jesse Arce

      He’s always had great chemistry with Bron nothing new

  • Oyame

    Crazy, LBJ is back and run like he was never hurt. Let's win the rest of the games Lakers!

    • Oyame

      @P 🤣 Faking to prepare for playoff?

    • Justin Cruz
      Justin Cruz

      Yeah yeah, I'm younger than hik but he's faster than me

    • P

      Ikr, its like LeBron is faking his own injury

  • kerem okur
    kerem okur

    Lakers will not win againts warriors

  • stupendousA

    Man, as a Warriors fan I can honestly say I'm terrified of these Lakers.

  • Nikos Pao
    Nikos Pao

    we're not playing good enough man... We should have blown out indiana and pelicans..

    • Bodian Landing
      Bodian Landing

      relax mate. playoff games are the ones that really matter.

  • Nz Miz
    Nz Miz

    Cant pass up on a thumbnail of the king bodying people

  • Adam S
    Adam S

    HUUUUUGGGEEE Travel by LBJ at 5:50. Right in front of the Ref too.

    • mskidi

      @Jhace Buckley Sure, thats a gather step alright. In handball...

    • Harry Park
      Harry Park

      i can tell you don’t know basketball

    • Jhace Buckley
      Jhace Buckley

      please learn what a gather step is? and learn some basketball while your at it

    • BigBro's Gamehouse
      BigBro's Gamehouse

      if that was huge players would have complained, not even a travel.

  • Yeontan연탄

    Damn. Drummond really playing well since LeBron came back

    • Ahmed Iqbal el huda
      Ahmed Iqbal el huda

      Because the ball handle is lebron ,not dennis, if dennis handle the ball he just use he's speed , not use he's teammate, lebron share the ball to others, not just attack the rim

    • Kendrick Foster
      Kendrick Foster

      Drummond was picked up to work alongside AD and LeBron not to be dominate by himself.

  • Peeradech Lee
    Peeradech Lee

    Still no Zion in playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    *this league is too soft* “I’d at least like to see him go back and help him up” boy if you don’t get

  • One Snap And Gone
    One Snap And Gone

    AD dont get no ball😭

  • rjesong

    Ha ha Flippers and McNuggets birched out by losing their last games. They didn’t want to face the Lakers.