Final Jeopardy!: Shakespeare & History | 05/07/2021 | JEOPARDY!
This Final Jeopardy! will test you on SHAKESPEARE \u0026 HISTORY.

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  • equinox project
    equinox project

    All these prospective hosts are like cardboard compared to AT

  • Clayton Hurdle
    Clayton Hurdle

    Technically he was James VI, he was James I of England but James VI of Scotland. As the play was about Scottish royalty, it would’ve been more appropriate to use his Scottish number than his English

  • Steve Horn
    Steve Horn

    She won $23,800 but he said they were matching $26,800 wtfff

  • Frenite

    I was wrong

  • gregaj7

    Bill Whitaker is doing the best of the guest hosts.

  • richard mulcahy
    richard mulcahy

    Please Bring Alex Trebek to host Jeopardy from Monday

  • jedrzej2011

    Ladies Final, First black host on J!. From May 17 will be the "Tournament of Champions" with new guest host: Buzzy Cohen.

  • Jeanette Schock
    Jeanette Schock

    Don't like this host #missalex

  • Chandler Sampson
    Chandler Sampson

    Great job, Bill! Thank you

  • Cai

    Thoughts on the hosts thus far? I think Bill has been great, but my personal favorite is still Aaron Rodgers.

    • RicRudeTV

      Aaron Rodgers was the best to me, till Bill came. Aaron brings a little cheesy vibe though. Bill is the closest to Alex but I fear his days are numbered and everyone will get used to him like Alex and in a couple of years god forbid we'll have to go through this again, trying to find a host again.

  • Gloria Snell
    Gloria Snell

    I like the current host and pray he will be selected to host the Jeopardy Show because if someone else is selected and we do not like that person my husband and myself will not be seeing this program which we have been watching from day one in 1984 I wish him all the best

    • Quentin Mitchell
      Quentin Mitchell

      I hear that the guy from Reading Rainbow might be the permanent host for jeopardy

  • Aaron Paul
    Aaron Paul

    Is it weird that James I being correct as opposed to James VI bothers me.

    • scaper8

      They probably would have accepted "Who is James VI and I?" I believe that it is an acceptable title even now. I don't know if just "Who is James VI?" would have worked though. I can see why as "King of Scotland" why, but I don't know if he was ever referred to as simply "James VI" again after uniting the crowns.

  • Shmuel Goldstein
    Shmuel Goldstein

    Sorry to say that this host just does not have the energy needed. Don't need a lot, but some zip should be there. Look at the best shows with Alex, and go back and look at the shows with Art Fleming, as well.

  • ZeiglerJaguar

    I got this one for the silliest possible reason. I know that James wrote the famous "Counterblast to Tobacco" in 1604, and I know that Macbeth was written sometime in the early 1600s. So that gave me the king who would have been "in the audience."

    • Compucles

      Seriously, you knew about that but not when the King James Version of the Bible was first published nor when Jamestown, Virginia was founded?

    • Condor Boss
      Condor Boss

      James I and VI also wrote a book called _Daemonologie_ on the subject of witchcraft. (I read it as part of my research for my Honors paper.) He was occasionally referred to as 'The Wisest Fool in Christendom.'

  • Nullifidian

    By a happy coincidence, I'd just finished reading _Macbeth_ exactly a week before in _The Harvard Classics_ , Vol. 46 (which also contains _Hamlet_ , _King Lear_ , and _The Tempest_ by Shakespeare and _Edward II_ by Christopher Marlowe), so this was a perfect category for me. Though all you have to know is who was king of England in Shakespeare's time. Shakespeare's entire life was during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I and VI, and Elizabeth is obviously excluded by the wording of the question.

  • Ritesh Nalmar
    Ritesh Nalmar

    i know its been 6 months since alex trebek passed away but i cant get over the fact he is dead he was a legend and he was jeopardy

  • macforme

    I had to find out who this great host is: Bill Whitaker is an American television journalist and a correspondent on the CBS News program 60 Minutes.

    • Operaspia

      He's wonderful, my favorite guest host thus far.

  • Influx27

    I don't see why Juliet didn't go all in. The answer is obvious. Shakespeare lived during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. Heck, there's even the King James bible that people erroneously believe Shakespeare wrote.

    • Michael Weber
      Michael Weber

      You see the category and then wager but don’t see the question or answer until after the wager. For instance; the category for final jeopardy will be “American Business” the contestants would then wager. After they wager the question is revealed.

  • Gabe

    Terrible host

  • Aaron Homer
    Aaron Homer

    Who is Turd Ferguson?

  • mooveeluver

    James VI is more correct than James I (even though they are one and the same), since we're talking about Kings of Scotland.

    • mooveeluver

      I mean James I of England aka James VI of Scotland and his grandson James II of England aka James VII of Scotland.

    • tartfuel

      @mooveeluver You mean James I

    • tartfuel

      @Condor Boss No, he won't He will be James the II and VII, just like King James was known as James I and VI.

    • tartfuel

      Actually, he was known as James I and VI, if you want to be accurate.

    • Condor Boss
      Condor Boss

      @mooveeluver You are correct. I forgot about James II of England and VII of Scotland. However, the law does exist, so the next King James would be James VIII. (Charles will still be Charles III, since British law does not recognize Bonnie Prince Charlie as a legitimate monarch of either England or Scotland.)

  • Tanya Loves Titties
    Tanya Loves Titties

    Alex Trebek has been showbiz reincarnated as a black man! Nice.

  • Ian Eller
    Ian Eller

    Who was King Edward?

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang

    Since the clue implies the 9th in line of "Scottish Kings", shouldn't the correct answer be James VI (his title in Scotland) rather than James I (his title in England), or at least James VI and I? The Scottish James I would have reigned some 150 years earlier, long before Shakespeare's time.

    • Compucles

      I'm sure either answer would've been acceptable or even just "King James" without any numeral. Keep in mind that at the time the play was written, he was more well known as King James I of England rather than King James VI of Scotland.

  • Matt & Arya
    Matt & Arya

    If you have no clue what the answer(who is (blank)?) is why wager at all? The girl in slot 3 missed out on $1000 by wagering $0.

    • Matt & Arya
      Matt & Arya

      @Compucles makes sense.

    • Compucles

      They have to make their wagers before the clue is read. The only help they get beforehand is the category.

  • Rantel Brown
    Rantel Brown

    See, I don't think I would have accepted James I as an answer. The question was about kings of Scotland, where he was James VI. James I of Scotland was a different person altogether.

    • Compucles

      @Van Groover They weren't, though. You're the only one not seeing that, since all the other commenters on this video agree with me, and obviously the "Jeopardy" judges also agree with me.

    • Compucles

      @Van Groover They weren't asking specifically for the 9th in a line of Scottish Kings, just the man who was being referenced by the play.

    • Shawn Spence
      Shawn Spence

      @Van Groover I agree its the most correct answer. But I couldn't remember the number of the scottish line so 8 just said...uh...james?

    • Shawn Spence
      Shawn Spence

      @Van Groover what about if someone just said james?

    • Compucles

      The clue itself doesn't specifically ask for a Scottish King, just asking for the man's identity.

  • Greg Faber
    Greg Faber

    King James I of England (King James VI of Scotland.

    • nocalsteve

      Oh, I did get it right. I had James VI since they asked for Scottish Kings, but I forgot about him becoming James I. They should have explained that.

  • sarysa

    Honestly, I just guessed James VI and I because I knew he was the first king around Shakespeare's time to unite the two crowns. I thought (wrong) that Shakespeare died in Elizabethan times, but who else was there to guess.

    • Shmuel Goldstein
      Shmuel Goldstein

      Actually, you are correct. You see, he was James VI of Scotland, but when he became King of England as well, from the English point of view, he was James I.

    • sarysa

      @Jackthgun Yep, and "James VI and I" is actually the title of his Wikipedia article. I realized after posting how that might look like a typo to some.

    • Jackthgun

      James the VI would be an acceptable answer as he was James I of England and VI of Scotland so I think Judge would have award a correct answer

    • Shawn Spence
      Shawn Spence

      Same. If it wasn't James I had no clue so it was by default my answer.

  • P K
    P K

    Technically, James I is incorrect, as that was his King of England title. As King of Scotland he was James VI. He was the first monarch to hold both titles, but the crowns were still separate. So in the context of this question (ie. Scottish), the correct answer should have been James VI (but yes, it’s reasonable to accept James I since it is the same person, but don’t tell the Scottish that!)

    • Erick Poorbaugh
      Erick Poorbaugh

      Yeah, if I'd gotten this, I would have been stressing trying to decide if I was sure VI was his Scottish number (and thus put "James I of England and VI of Scotland") or if I should just go with "James I" and hope they accepted it.

    • Jackthgun

      But he was watching in England, the fully correct answer is James I and VI

    • P K
      P K

      @Compucles the inference of the way the question is worded very much suggests a Scottish King (it actually directly states “Scottish kings”). He only took the English throne in about 1604, he was James VI for a long time before that. But he pretty much went to England and never returned to Scotland, so yes, is much more renowned as James I

    • Compucles

      The clue wasn't specifically asking for the name of a Scottish King, so either answer was acceptable. Even at the time, he was more well known as King James I of England, anyway. For example, the introduction of the King James Version of the Bible only mentions him as King James.

    • chrisninety1

      I was wondering that - my guess was James VI specifically. Would they have accepted either? That certainly would have been the reasonable thing to do.

  • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
    Major Old Lady aka, Mom

    387th... 🤣

  • ken karwoski
    ken karwoski

    When is there going to be a five-time or more champion?!

    • Zebra Warhawk
      Zebra Warhawk

      For real we haven't had one since Brian Chang and Zach Newkirk, both of which took place before Brayden Smith's passing.

  • Compucles

    I got this one right. Shakespeare mutilated Scottish history to appeal to good ol' King James (and I knew James I was King, as Shakespeare's career was contemporary with the release of the King James Version of the Bible and the founding of Jamestown, Virginia). Even the "Gargoyles" version of the story is much more historically accurate, and that version includes two varieties of mythological creatures and even more magic than Shakespeare used!

  • Judi Bickford
    Judi Bickford

    Who is James I

  • chad ho
    chad ho

    Juliet has $23,800.

    • Habi Biswas
      Habi Biswas

      add the 3k the other players got and that's how the donation was matched

  • britney901

    I didn't even know what they were asking for. The 9th king?

    • Nullifidian

      ​@Greg Faber Actually, Henry Carey, the Lord Chamberlain and 1st Baron Hunsdon was the patron of Shakespeare's company. Elizabeth did patronize a company of her own in the 1580s, but it started to collapse when two of its leading actors died (William Knell in a sword fight and the famous comedian Richard Tarleton of natural causes) and competition from the Lord Chamberlain's Men and the Admiral's Men and the plague of 1592-93, when the theatres were closed, finally killed off the company entirely. Carey and Elizabeth did have a close relationship, since he was not only one of her most trusted advisors but a first cousin as well, but Elizabeth was never a patron of Shakespeare as far as we can tell.

    • Compucles

      @Greg Faber Yeah, as in actuality Duncan was somewhat of a tyrant who merely fell in battle to Macbeth's forces, Macbeth was a much better king who only rebelled as a means of defending himself against Duncan in the first place, and Lady Macbeth was not any kind of schemer. However, King James was a direct descendant of Duncan and his son Malcolm, so Shakespeare rewrote history to put the King's ancestors in a much better light while ruining the reputation of the man responsible for briefly interrupting his family line on the Scottish throne.

    • Greg Faber
      Greg Faber

      Shakespeare did a shameless plug for King James so he would stay in favor with the crown. Elizabeth I was his patron and the former and James I were not necessarily in each other's favor.

    • Zachary Anderson
      Zachary Anderson

      Yes, Macbeth imagines the next eight kings of Scotland and the ninth one in the line of succession was James I who was a patron of Shakespeare.

  • Sean Harding
    Sean Harding

    Juliet winning with a Shakespeare question - seems somehow appropriate!

  • Tyler Goldstein
    Tyler Goldstein

    It was Agatha all along

  • Games and Toilets Productions
    Games and Toilets Productions

    I got this one. Congrats to juliet

  • estreetbandfan1


  • Emma Hsu
    Emma Hsu


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