The 2022 Kia Carnival Has Entered the Chat | CAR MOM TOUR
She's here! The highly requested 2022 Kia Carnival! The Carnival is replacing Kia's Sedona and is brand new for 2022. First impressions, it may be love at first drive. I am loving all the standard safety features, the car seat set ups, cup holders and trunk space! This car was made for hauling kids around. What do you think of the brand new Kia Carnival!?

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  • Lorraine Logsdon
    Lorraine Logsdon

    Kia Carnival…because Kia Sh*t Show doesn’t roll off the tongue? Terrible name. Apt, but terrible.

  • Ang

    This vehicle seems so small inside compared to my SUV

  • 92 jay
    92 jay

    these cars go 4000 msrp mark up..

  • Korina Santos
    Korina Santos

    Thanks to you I just got the Carnival LX+ today 😁 no leather seats for us because we have 2 huskies hehe

  • Sarah Haven
    Sarah Haven

    Won't be in the market for a car for a few years, but I'm probably gonna need one of these eventually 😍

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez

    Omg she soooo annoying.. sounds like KAREN

  • Flor Aguilar
    Flor Aguilar

    I love this car 🥰 but I have 6 kids.

  • Gnarmac

    What did you think about the triple track setup for the second row? You can put the third down down and move the second row middle chair all the way to the back. It’s an interesting configuration.

  • Ashlye Rosario
    Ashlye Rosario

    If it wasn’t for you I would have never known about the Kia carnival

  • AListBeauty

    Great video ! That trim you dislike on the rear exterior of the van, I would compare it to a Chevy suburban type design as opposed to a hearse. Really not that bad looking more like a limo type design

  • Michelle Hancock
    Michelle Hancock

    I got the blue one last month

    • The_Car_Mom


  • Daniel Silver
    Daniel Silver

    Did you know you can also make all 2nd row seats face backward? I would absolutely love this on a long road trip. Stick Grandma and Grandpa back there with 4 kids and it sounds like heaven.

  • Daniel Silver
    Daniel Silver

    Agree the name is seriously awful. Thinking of starting an Etsy business to sell "Kia Prodigy" badge replacements for Carnival owners. Could make a killing!!

  • Farrel Tabaloc
    Farrel Tabaloc

    how tall are you? looks like it wont fit you tho 😂

  • jordan carroll
    jordan carroll

    I went and looked at it… I dream of this minivan.

  • Octavia

    I was told the middle row can be turned around this true?

    • Mercedes Taylor
      Mercedes Taylor

      It is

  • surfwave11

    Unfortunately when you go to the dealer the ticket price will be marked up by around 8k depending on where you are

  • Bec

    I think it looks so awful in the white. It highlights the more “minivan” shape of it. It looks like the Chevy Traverse. Especially with the silver piece behind the rear door.

  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams

    I needed this when all the kids were home still want it

  • Hae Ng
    Hae Ng

    I need/want this!

  • Michelle Tolman
    Michelle Tolman

    I'd love if you could do a review on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L. I love the look and it's towing capacity. I just don't know if it's really worth the price.

  • Kenna Vowell
    Kenna Vowell

    I was going to get the Atlas, but now I think I want to just save up and get this. Seriously sold me.

  • Ashley R
    Ashley R

    Does it have a DVD player

  • Dale Gamache
    Dale Gamache

    will they come out with AWD anytime soon??

  • First Redmi
    First Redmi

    She talks...

  • Steven 9
    Steven 9

    I don't know the dodge grand caravan does all this for half the price.

  • 丸子三兄弟

    0:03 the 2nd row seat seems too low to give a good thigh support.

  • Texanne McLeish
    Texanne McLeish

    Watched this video and a day later went to the local Kia dealership and ordered a carnival. Should have it in two months 😬

    • T𝚑𝚎_Ꮯαr_ M̴σm        ▪️
      T𝚑𝚎_Ꮯαr_ M̴σm ▪️

      ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜʀ ғᴇᴇᴅʙᴀᴄᴋ, ɪ ʜᴀᴠᴇ sᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ʀᴇᴀʟ ʙɪɢ ɪ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ɪɴᴛʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛᴏ.

  • Deborah Font
    Deborah Font

    I really like it. It looks like an suv stretched out.

  • Betsy Hughley-Alford
    Betsy Hughley-Alford

    Appreciate your review. I just bought one the other day but have not take possession as it was still plastic wrapped. I like your details of features. I agree with you about the rear decor on the window made the black one look like a hearse!! At my age that is not what I want to see. Thanks again.

  • David Hatchel
    David Hatchel

    I love the new blue color they have, so pretty.

    • David Hatchel
      David Hatchel


    • Michelle Hancock
      Michelle Hancock

      I just bought that one

  • David Hatchel
    David Hatchel

    In South Korea it is called the Carnival, which it has on the left side of the rear liftgate, and on the right side it says LIMOUSINE! Cool.

  • Edward Zdankiewicz
    Edward Zdankiewicz

    How bout we call it the carnival? Seriously, WTF is wrong with carnival? Is it you feel you have to be "edgy" and controversial ?

  • LuluDemon

    This is one of the best selling cars in Asia where Vans are not even a thing

  • joo02

    that chrome thing doesnt look bad at all. it sticks out but it’s there to make this look like an suv

  • Ceasar Yung
    Ceasar Yung

    How tall are you cause I’m not gonna lie you make the van look pretty small

  • Dauseana Doingme
    Dauseana Doingme

    That is so nice. You can watch little Harriet sleeping while your driving. I bought a 2022 Telluride yesterday. Im very curious to know does it have that feature. Havnt finish reading the owners manual yet. Thats a beautiful van. Congrats on your Carnival

  • Steve hunter
    Steve hunter

    Had my respect until I heard “eckspecially “

  • asistente Recep
    asistente Recep

    Can you tell me what version of carnival is this with 8 seats?

  • Joshua Cooper
    Joshua Cooper

    So I know rear facing car seat fits well in third row, but what is the real world experience of getting a kid in and out? We have newborn triplets and a three year old, so need to fit three rear facing and a front.

  • Flamzz

    I have this got it yesterday it awesome rlly recommend but it took us 3 weeks to find someone who actually had it Edit: this is an ex model in the video but I bought the sx prestige it way better with 2 sunroofs that both open and has an ottoman and 2 TVs u can search up

    • Jessica Fink
      Jessica Fink

      We just ordered a Prestige and I am EXCITED. How is the entertainment system?

  • Ken

    I've always said I'd never buy or drive a minivan in my life...had this this car for 2 weeks now lmao.

  • Jay Gigidy
    Jay Gigidy

    Jeeez how tall are you...?

  • Jessica Fonseca
    Jessica Fonseca

    Does the BOB double stroller fit in the back with the third row seats up?

  • andy bosik
    andy bosik

    I could never get excited about a kia

  • Neal Burks
    Neal Burks

    I agree. Carnival is a stupid name

  • Yonghyo Kim
    Yonghyo Kim

    I order 1 but wait for more than 2 months I drive many different cars but comparing space and money no car can beat this carnival I was not a fan of this car but now i have 3 kids yeah this one is only solution

  • jejuvilla

    When u say u hate the name lol

  • C R
    C R

    I need someone to give me 42k to buy this! Lol

  • DGV 108
    DGV 108

    U r so beautiful. Realy. N car also. 🙂

  • Jack Gonsalves
    Jack Gonsalves

    How tall is this chic

    • The_Car_Mom

      6 ft!

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  • RamsnDodgersfan

    The vehicle is on my short list, happy they went with the removable second row so you can completely turn it into a cargo van. Would really like to see an all wheel drive version with WiFi would make me pull the trigger.

  • M.spags07

    Kia circus.... those are my monkeys. Lol

  • Ilovemyspurs

    I have a 4runner and I would get rid of it for this j/k but this is definitely on my list of vehicles

  • dcrijo

    My wife loves this car, so we're planning on going to Kia in hopes they have enough in stock. This is definitely a road trip type of vehicle. Thanks for the vid!

    • The_Car_Mom

      hope it all works out for you! thanks for watching!

  • Axari El
    Axari El

    I need it to look a little more like an actual SUV.

  • N Miller
    N Miller

    Mom of 4... Agree with the circus comment 🤣 Also agree with the Love for the the new Kia. Had a 2014 Kia Sedona.. l o v e d it until it was totalled. Sad day indeed. Currently have an Odessy. Not in love yet..

  • Ricky Ortiz
    Ricky Ortiz

    I’m at 4 kids with MAYBE another one coming 😊

  • Dawn Armstrong
    Dawn Armstrong

    Agreed on white leathers/leatherette….white car seats and interior are beautiful, but my worst nightmare to keep pristine…..

  • Dawn Armstrong
    Dawn Armstrong

    You can probably get that metal carnival logo removed easily…thanks for your honest opinion and video :-)

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M

    Sun shades!! Any other cars with built in sun shades? Lol

  • True Follower of Christ
    True Follower of Christ

    I am stoked about this van. I am test driving one tomorrow😱😱😱

  • Yadhira Chaparro
    Yadhira Chaparro

    I’m just as pumped as you watching lol

  • Yadhira Chaparro
    Yadhira Chaparro

    I’ve been binge watching your videos and it’s my favorite Chanel I’ve found recently

  • Yadhira Chaparro
    Yadhira Chaparro

    Dentist chairs 😂

  • MY 9720
    MY 9720

    Kia called it a Carnival to match what this vehicle has be called in other markets previously. So now this vehicle has the same name as it does all over the world where it's sold. I just wish it had more torque and power with all wheel drive.

    • Michelle Tolman
      Michelle Tolman

      Agreed. It's a great vehicle, but why wouldn't they at least make the upper trims with the option of more torque and AWD. That's a deal breaker for me.

  • Michael Mabrey
    Michael Mabrey

    Wish they'd offer a chocolate exterior option.

  • william ingram jr
    william ingram jr

    Such an amazing van... Reality: Can't get to the 3rd row with car seats in the 2nd row outboard seats.

  • chevy ss
    chevy ss

    She didnt talk about the engine options lol XD

  • Megan Fratello
    Megan Fratello

    Just test drove a Carnival! Didn’t even feel like I was driving a big 8 passenger the ride was so smooth. Accelerated great for when I need to get on and off the highway. Took your advice and brought my stroller, baby car seat, all my other baby crap, and set everything up as if it were ours to see how it all fit. AMAZING SPACE! The trunk with the 3rd row up made my Vista stroller look like a small umbrella stroller there was so much extra space. Beyond impressed! The husband and I decided this will be our new car when we car shop later this year.

  • Chris Tee
    Chris Tee

    Hearse vibes, Dentist chairs...Lol.

  • Faithfully Bold Adornments
    Faithfully Bold Adornments

    This is supposed to seat 11? I only saw 8 seats 🤔

    • The_Car_Mom

      the 11 seater version, "Grand Carnival" isn't available in the US currently.

  • Flippin' Rich
    Flippin' Rich

    Has this become the new basic bitch car?

  • Nate Jmnz
    Nate Jmnz

    I have a kia sportage BUT MY MOM WATS A KIA TELLURIDE but is fine with a Kia sportage when my Kia sportage brakes down I WILL GET THE KIA TELLURIDE SX my gamma has a kia carnival 2022 and a Hyundai palisade and a Toyota highlander

  • NN Productions
    NN Productions

    Kia Carnival is luxury vans in here and successor of Kia Alveno (1991-1997)

  • TazCamandFam

    How? Its only 2021 so that would make it a 2021

    • The_Car_Mom

      its very common for car manufacturers to release new models a year in advance!

  • Lee Weyer
    Lee Weyer

    My next mini van for sure but in purple 😂 my favorite color

  • iFM

    You forgot to mention that you can configure the seating to face each other (limo style), meaning take out the middle row and reverse so it faces the 3rd room. I think thats a game changer, period. I would also remove one of the captains chair (on the passenger side) so you can slide in and out without having to slither into it.

  • Arthur Robles
    Arthur Robles

    Checking out reviews for this minivan/MPV and came across yours.. really liked your offering. Nice and thorough with stuff that no one else points out (hearse comparison, funny). Really thorough. I agree, the name could have been better.. but apparently, it's the global name to keep everything consistent. Also, really liked your build- your- vehicle options at the end. Never see that from anyone else. Great way to share the trim levels and cost. Great review!

  • Penelope Van Tuyl
    Penelope Van Tuyl

    What are the pros/cons of building your own car features vs. looking for what’s in stock on the lots?

  • Cora Smith
    Cora Smith

    Review on the Telluride?

    • The_Car_Mom

      I have a review of the 2021 Telluride on my channel!

  • Speedy-Gonzalez

    They should have named it the Kia legend

  • m271

    "Hearse vibe" lol

  • Kingdom Watchman Ministries
    Kingdom Watchman Ministries

    Great van in general! I hate the name Carnival and the shiny part in in between windows. I love the old Logo.

  • Akash Verma.
    Akash Verma.

    Love from India ❤️❤️❤️

  • Affordable Luxury Records
    Affordable Luxury Records

    Is this Raiti’s Wife??? Lol

  • Sarah Rodriguez
    Sarah Rodriguez

    Me and my husband saw one of these the other day and couldn’t figure out if it was a van or suv

    • allofcece

      @Young Moon lol thats a good way to put it

    • Young Moon
      Young Moon

      Its a suvan

  • Paige Desjardins
    Paige Desjardins

    This is such a great review. You nailed it

  • Alisha Emmett
    Alisha Emmett

    Okay, first off, I love all of your reviews and have also really enjoyed following along on your Instagram 🤩 We got the EX trim and it has the same rear entertainment system as the 2021Telluride rather than what is advertised for the 2022 Carnivals. No one at the dealership seems to have answers as to why they are different. The entertainment system advertised for the Carnival has a kids mode which we were super excited for but ours doesn’t have it. Any idea as to why this may be?

  • PinkPrincessNesha

    You can reverse the center seat backwards & you can pull a car seat in the center seat closer to the front to reach for your baby

  • PinkPrincessNesha

    I love the name 😂😍

  • Sam Sos
    Sam Sos

    love it!!! better than Sienna!!! Thank God NO CVT!!!!!!

  • Kim Ta Lim
    Kim Ta Lim

    How was the drive for this van?

  • Mandy Allen
    Mandy Allen

    LOOOVVVEEEE that you can make captain seats!!

  • donovan simison
    donovan simison

    I have a carnival LX and it has a power lift gate. Seats in the ex are much more comfortable for those who are wondering. A wonderful MPV for sure

  • sudhi konsagar
    sudhi konsagar

    Is that driver's leg room is not comfort enough, curious to know.

  • Thomas Beer
    Thomas Beer

    She is hilarious 😆 Somehow aggressiv… I caught myself following her mommy-order-voice despite being a 40 year old man 😂 (not a child and not her child) 👍🏼

  • Paige McDowell
    Paige McDowell

    Seriously love your reviews!

    • The_Car_Mom

      Thank you so much!

  • Cintia Brookins
    Cintia Brookins

    I love your sense of humor and genuity.