Inside Mayweather vs. Paul: Miami | Epilogue | SHOWTIME PPV


    Btw floyd won ut annoys me when they say logan won :/


    Feel bad for Gen Z kids who thought Logan had any chance against Floyd due to his Height and muscles. 😂

  • Lucas500k

    Logan's chain is fucking fire

  • Chamseddine Rakib
    Chamseddine Rakib

    Where's the actual fight tho?

  • bbrayden_ 28
    bbrayden_ 28

    I’ve never seen an ass whoopin by a man who wasn’t even trying 😂 Logan got smoked 😂😂

  • Teth Raksmey
    Teth Raksmey

    paul is fake fighter

  • Boxer dog breed lovers
    Boxer dog breed lovers

    Size don’t matter dude only hard work and dedication matters

  • x Midge
    x Midge

    When did logan ever eat legos?

  • BCF Neir
    BCF Neir

    I don’t know who’s more annoying Jake Paul or Mayweather kids

  • Anthony Aquino
    Anthony Aquino

    And ofc Floyd’s annoying ass daughters are there

  • night hawk
    night hawk

    chitta chatt

  • Women empowerment sports Fan
    Women empowerment sports Fan

    Jake paul vs floyd mayweather please 🙏

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    They really put “ pro boxer “ under jake Paul 😭😭 bro fights 2 guys and thinks he the shit 😵‍💫😵‍💫

  • Inimical Faculty
    Inimical Faculty

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  • Ya_Boi_Wolf 2003 40
    Ya_Boi_Wolf 2003 40

    This is the day I will remember as it was yesterday 💯🔥

  • شيـخ. GAMING
    شيـخ. GAMING

    كفو. 👌

  • Abg jago
    Abg jago

    SHOWTIME is the best!

  • Lsg Kk
    Lsg Kk

    I know I'm late but is it me or the commentators are mayweather fans. They were talking trash about Logan doing tiktoks and eating legos. They didn't want Logan to win

  • HavokFN

    if ryan garcia beats devin haney he is the greatest lightweight boxer in the world

  • 9 M Josh
    9 M Josh

    They called Jake Paul a pro boxer lmaoooooo😂😂😂

    • chrizmunozxd

      Bro if he fought someone like anthony joshua or canelo then i would consider him a somewhat of a boxer but rn he a lame ass wanna be fake fighting bitch

  • I_Dawg123

    Logan is not the type of guy to show too much of his emotions, he’s always masking it with his wild/spontaneous and comedic side, so when you see him actually tear up and cry, you know those are true feelings being poured out. Respect for making what everyone thought was impossible, possible!

  • TJ G
    TJ G

    Jake probably thinks/wishes it was him.

  • Don Hollywood Mack
    Don Hollywood Mack


  • Nick Alvelais
    Nick Alvelais

    who’s the lady in the white shirt 11:11

  • Chahra Mou
    Chahra Mou

    لقمه تلقيم مايوذير

  • Antony Ngere
    Antony Ngere

    Dejuan Blake on floyds corner i bet helps floyd alot

  • Victory _11-1
    Victory _11-1

    A exhibition between famous people huh

  • FC

  • Marshall Woodside
    Marshall Woodside

    That was a friggin great video!! Great job!!!!

  • SHP

    R.I.P. Boxing


    'logan paul aka ikaris is flying to close the the sun' - man what a quote!

  • Greg Whale
    Greg Whale

    Anyone can survive againts Floyd just run around the ring don’t know why they celebrating

  • Greg Whale
    Greg Whale

    Very well edited

  • Jordan Tanksley
    Jordan Tanksley

    Welp it’s Jake’s turn🥊💨

  • Bastiansyah

    everything he can do for money thats why we called floyd “Money” weather

  • Bastiansyah

    it wasn’t real floyd he just pretending entertain

  • Tong Heng BoyLoy
    Tong Heng BoyLoy

    Who win?

  • Callingaseyeseeit


  • GTBreezy

    Logan still hasn’t won a fight yet lol

  • TJ Masemola
    TJ Masemola

    The commentators were just shitting on Logan the whole time🤦 Floyd landed more shots but you know Logan takes the W just cause Floyd couldn't fulfill his promise of "knocking out that boy" And yes if there were judges Floyd would've won but you know it is what is

  • Imran Hussain
    Imran Hussain

    I would've preferred floyd vs Jake Just so floyd can put him in his place

    • G Lant
      G Lant

      I want canelo

  • XDAsad Zulfi
    XDAsad Zulfi

    The worst boxing match i ever watched

  • Cliggs

    Luckily they dint edit in floyd’s daughter screaming during the fight

  • Elmo1221

    One Night:Joshua vs. Ruiz is better then this

  • Hoosierfan1024

    The announcers are biased bro

  • Zavell Armon
    Zavell Armon

    Yea he got out boxed real bad 😂😂😂

  • Shaheed Gipson
    Shaheed Gipson

    Who the fighting Floyd or Logan

  • brittany Bradford
    brittany Bradford

    I think Floyd pays these guys to let him win in a decision. Smack yourself for buying these ppv

  • Gilbert Moreno
    Gilbert Moreno

    Floyd obviously won but the fact that Logan lasted a while 8 rounds is a huge accomplishment

  • Kawayn3

    “Floyd let a youtuber go the distance” went the distance while hugging, being backed up and smacked around by someone 40 pounds lighter 😂😂 you Floyd haters should do stand up comedy.

    • Kawayn3

      @iHelp you can’t even spell. i’m going to leave you be.

    • iHelp

      Oscar de la Hoya called out Floyd on Mike Tysons’s podcast, still no response from the The Running Team fuck floyf

  • Tyron Kurbah
    Tyron Kurbah

    Logan speech almost make me cry ❤️

  • DJ TV
    DJ TV

    The fact y’all didn’t show the knockdown when Floyd kept him up 👎🏾! BUH LET THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FLOYD LOL WOULDVE BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR

  • Tenma

    God i want grant gloves but their soo expensive

  • Abdullah Daoud
    Abdullah Daoud

    Lets be honest he did not beat Mayweather it was 6-2 for Mayweather

  • choua Lor
    choua Lor

    Hmm which youtuber should floyed fight next

  • Martaisha Fails
    Martaisha Fails

    Omg. I thought Logan was gonna get knocked out on the first round I’m glad he mad it threw. Damn so entertaining


    if its not at the MGM grand its just for fun

  • KamranthakurRajput ✔️
    KamranthakurRajput ✔️

    That is not fight this is business 😂

  • Muhammed Z
    Muhammed Z

    Floyd said that he could have smashed Logan Paul but he wanted him Logan to survive all the rounds.

  • BCF Neir
    BCF Neir

    Who is more annoying for Mayweather kids or Jake Paul

  • Maskofdeath145

    What's the soundtrack in the end?

  • ナマズゲームズ

    9:22 お父さんタグ付いてるぜ!!

  • Silex Ψ
    Silex Ψ

    min 10:53 el alfa haha

  • Abraham Gabriel Aritonang
    Abraham Gabriel Aritonang

    What the fuck is this?

  • Nathan Quiba
    Nathan Quiba

    Logan says he doesn't cry but he cry love you logan

  • John Preecs
    John Preecs

    Wala sa katangian mo ang pagiging legendary goat.. malayo sayo c Pacquiao totoong fighter tinalo mo sa blocked at run.. hnd ka totoong fighter

  • Tacz

    7:30 that’s a whole ritual

  • Rip Cartier
    Rip Cartier

    The great white hope??? Nah he said himself only UFC fighters no real boxers. You can’t be great by not fighting real boxers. He’ll forever be ILcompr celebrity boxer in celebrity boxing matches.

  • Rip Cartier
    Rip Cartier

    Logan was tired asf🤣🤣🤣

  • Sasha Rodriguez
    Sasha Rodriguez

    Worst fight ever

  • mr.GhOsT_RiDeR

    Bro y r they not showing logans punches


    Who is Muslim here

  • Andrew EightHundred
    Andrew EightHundred


  • Jeremy Cagle
    Jeremy Cagle


  • Mylo Solis
    Mylo Solis

    Fake,all set up by Mayweather again,just like Macgregor.If Magregor would fight Mayweather in the MMA Magregor would send Mayweather to the hospital.Its all business,it's all about 💰 money.

  • ronald colan
    ronald colan


  • Timothy Stewart
    Timothy Stewart

    Who really won for the people that watched it all be honest?

  • Enzooo

    10:12 wut???? Why do you punch like that...

  • 4ctive Bxng
    4ctive Bxng

    Floyd is a brilliant businessman

  • aLpha loCkeR
    aLpha loCkeR

    showtime is partly owned by Floyd that's why we see biased doc...with Connor and Now with logan

  • Levi King
    Levi King

    Jake or Logan vs Tyson

  • Levi King
    Levi King

    Im glad logan showed the champ respect. He has more class than his brother by far. The 🌎 is waiting on someone to punish jake, and im one of em. They need to get in there with a fighter there own weight and see wat happens then. Logan look like he had floyd by at least 50lbs, and he still cudnt use his weight to his advantage other than wrestling

  • Miguel dos Santos
    Miguel dos Santos

    7:00 music?

  • MP Aung
    MP Aung

    Jake will be a real tough fight for Money May.

  • whoadontzuccmedude

    Logan paul got his shit beat

  • Blazin516

    beat @ 11:50?

  • Blu _Ace
    Blu _Ace

    It's amazing that the Paul crew & fans have made vids & clips showing what seemed like Logan wasn't getting touched up but Showtime aint showing no lies he got schooled like Canelo lol only thing he won was money

  • daniel lazaro
    daniel lazaro

    If Floyd was a heavyweight Paul would’ve got ko”d

  • Dwmoneyman 24
    Dwmoneyman 24

    Best and the world tbe🐐🐐

  • Cade Bergman
    Cade Bergman

    Unreal editing WOW

  • Darren Rainey
    Darren Rainey

    Let's get some contracts Signed not just Floyd Everybody can get Some Money On every Exhabition match I'll be the first Floyd let's talk there's more celebs plus former boxers around

  • Jason K.Beihneipha
    Jason K.Beihneipha

    I appreciated for jake paul

  • Valencia GEMS
    Valencia GEMS

    Floyd with the onlyfans hat 🙌🏾💯🔥 hahah Tha goat!!!

  • Michelle cto
    Michelle cto

    11:32 That's when you know Floyd got them Mad when they start doing that, Thats the Champ! Stop acting like that!

  • Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet Singh

    In the end it's all love and respect... . . and millions

  • Yorkeyy

    Jakes a Fuking clown is hilarious

  • Yorkeyy

    People complaining about the fight not many people get to see the best fighter of this gen live 💯

  • Maler Maler
    Maler Maler

    Floyd won the whole fight idc if it was an exhibition Floyd still won

  • XdangerzoneX

    Executive producer

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