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Directed by Carlos López Estrada
Production Company: ObsidianExecutive Producer: Doug Klinger Head of Production: Anna Heinrich Producers: Nicole Jordan Webber, Andrew Chennisi, Yusef Chabayta
Label Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
Post Producer: Julian Conner
Animation: Maverick Media

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In the dark when you feel lost
Wanna be the best but at what cost
If you're gonna stay here
Nothing's ever changing, no
Big world gotta see it all
Gotta get up even when you fall
There's no point in waiting, no

They’ll try to
bring you down

But you've got the power now
I know you feel it, feel it
If you believe it then you can
There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric
Oh I can see it, see it
If you believe it then you can
There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric

Long road got a ways to go
Took a big step but you're not alone
Cause we got each other
There's so much you’ll discover
Headstrong but your heart is stronger
Stay calm walking through the fire
I know you're gonna make it out

They’ll try to bring you down
But you've got the power now

I know you feel it, feel it
If you believe it then you can
There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric
Oh I can see it, see it
If you believe it then you can
There’s no reason that this life can’tbe electric

They’ll try to bring you down
You're electric right now (Electric)

But you’ve got the power now
You’ve got the power now

You’ve got the power now

I know you feel it, feel it
If you believe it then you can
There’s no
reason that this life can’t be electric
Oh I can see it, see it
If you believe it then you can
There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric

They’ll try to bring you down
You're electric right now (Electric)
But, you’ve got the power n
You’ve got the power now
You’ve got the power now

Music video by Katy Perry performing Electric. © 2021 Capitol Records LLC


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      It's for the 25th anniversary and it's part of the soundtrack

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    This song inspired people to belive in yourself and there are a lot of people who always support you such that your family your friends your idol specially as in this song katy who always stay by your side support and belive that everyone can do what they want don't care about negative thinking from another person you need to belive in yourself luv yourself try your best to do it what ever it gonna be a difficult time but don't give up if you fail start up again and walk along with positive thinking and you need to remind yourself that everyone often stay by your side admire you that one day you gonna do it by yourself and You gonna appreciate yourself.Have a nice day

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