Buzzy Cohen: Exclusive Interview on Guest Hosting | JEOPARDY!
Buzzy Cohen shares his experience as guest host of the 2021 from the Jeopardy! stage!

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  • Michael Phail
    Michael Phail

    Buzzy really made the show come alive with his comments and explaining some of the answers, even better than Alex did, Cohn really ma5 the show more interesting then ever. He gets My vote!

  • Marissa Bergado
    Marissa Bergado

    Buddy is super sharp!!! He’s the whole package!!!

  • Marissa Bergado
    Marissa Bergado

    BUDDY IS THE BEST HOST!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Charismatic, smart, personality, funny 😆 & handsome smile 😃!!! Love ❤️ his sense of humor!!!! PLEASE MAKE HIM THE JEOPARDY HOST!!! Love ❤️ you Buddy!!!!!

  • Alicia

    Buzzy did an amazing job!! I hope he gets the permanent position!!!!

  • Joshua Drake
    Joshua Drake

    I was team Ken until this week, but Buzzy should be the new host. His passion and energy and presence is fantastic.

  • Braxton Brewer
    Braxton Brewer

    Buzzy not his real name is Austin

    • Braxton Brewer
      Braxton Brewer

      It’s true!

  • ken karwoski
    ken karwoski

    Buzzy has done an INCREDIBLE job guest hosting and it's a drag that he's only doing the Tournament of Champions and didn't get a six-week stint like Ken Jennings did and I wish he did as well. Buzzy got my vote!

  • Maggie T
    Maggie T

    Doing such a fantastic job.

  • Garrett Wilkinson
    Garrett Wilkinson

    He is the best thus far. Gets my vote for permanent host. Felt this way back during his first run

  • Sharon Forbes
    Sharon Forbes

    I have watched the first two nights of the tournamentm and especially after watching this interview, I would love to see Buzzy get tapped as the new host. He is genuine, articulate, and you can tell he would love to permanently host the show. Also, he has a great show biz name!!

  • birdy1numnum

    *I didn't like this ham as a contestant however I think he's doing an OK job as host. Buzzy Cohen sounds too condescending when he speaks.*

  • Milan


  • B Noakes
    B Noakes

    We couldn't stand him as a contestant but we agreed he did just fine his first time in the seat. Prior to him we thought Mike Richards was the best, not impressed with the upcoming line up Austin Rogers should be in the mix

  • Tristan Gardner
    Tristan Gardner

    Don't forget, Buzzy, you helped give everybody at Jeopardy! a great time, such a great time, in fact, that even Johnny Gilbert got a good laugh out of it.

  • Brodie2005 TheGamer
    Brodie2005 TheGamer

    It's now a triple tie between Ken Jennings, Aaron Rodgers & Buzzy Cohen

  • Cassandra Alls
    Cassandra Alls

    So happy to see Buzzy hosting😀

  • Ann Wands
    Ann Wands

    Buzzy is doing really well much better than the hype of Aaron Rodgers Who really did not make it interesting and Just political and hyped because of present connections with media and Hollywood girlfriend yea Buzz what a pleasant surprise

  • shari graves
    shari graves

    Love Buzzy & his Brain

  • Jerri Tanner
    Jerri Tanner

    Wow, wow, wow! Buzzy KILLED it today! I’m very impressed. Personable, humble, great pace & he makes me smile. He may just be my #1 choice. 👍👍👍

  • Linda Fischer
    Linda Fischer

    Buzzy Cohen for Jeopardy host! He's the best!

  • Bruniebear

    Horribly loud and aggressive in a way that is not required by the game at all. I am going to stop watching Jeopardy if Buzzy takes over. He's horrible!

  • 230968

    ... and there was a huge number of little things Alex Trebek did as his second nature. For example, imagine having to talk to three contestants in every show while being relevant, respectful, brief, unbiased, funny, spontaneous, classy, in charge of the situation, quick with replies, etc. Alex did Jeopardy so well. It is nearly impossible to fill his big shoes.

  • Cynthia Zeitner
    Cynthia Zeitner

    Youre my number 1 pick for host for Jeopardy!!!! Cant wait to see you be the guest host ! You are awesome! Intelligent ,well spoken and wonderful to listen to and look ar! Good luck! You have my vote!

  • RockyMtnHighChick

    This is who I always envisioned taking over for Alex. He has the personality, the smarts, the looks and the charm. I so want him to do well -

    • Linda Fischer
      Linda Fischer

      I totally agree! Buzzy Cohen for Jeopardy host! He's the best!

  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim

    wasnt he on Carmen Sandiego?

  • Jerri Tanner
    Jerri Tanner

    So heartfelt & sweet! Go Buzzy!

  • Marc Lucas
    Marc Lucas

    Good Luck Buzzy!!! You will do great throughout the TOC.

  • PC_Load_Letter

    Just lose the glasses...please.

    • Kevin Chau
      Kevin Chau

      Buzzy Cohen looks great with those glasses!

    • Cynthia Zeitner
      Cynthia Zeitner

      Love the glasses!Your'e crazy!

    • Matt Hartley Jr.
      Matt Hartley Jr.

      LMFAO because that's so important

  • Robert Wadlow
    Robert Wadlow

    Who names their kid or themselves "Buzzy". Lol

    • TheEnlightenedNevadan

      @bobzani Huh, that's interesting. I never knew that! I do know they've had to distinguish between two people with the same first names before, so that does make sense!

    • Randy Miller III
      Randy Miller III

      Says the guy with the most boring name ever. What, your parents didn't go with "Mike"?

    • Matt Hartley Jr.
      Matt Hartley Jr.

      @The Legend Of Dylan yeah but it's not his actual name & people flip out like it's that serious

    • The Legend Of Dylan
      The Legend Of Dylan

      @Matt Hartley Jr. the orgininal comment actually did my guy.

    • Matt Hartley Jr.
      Matt Hartley Jr.

      @The Legend Of Dylan lmfao nobody ever said that Buzzy was his actual name

  • Samuel B.
    Samuel B.

    I'll have to wait until after the first week of the TOC to form my opinion, but based on this interview alone i think that Buzzy could potentially make a great permanent host! Monday night can't come soon enough!

  • Willy Limy
    Willy Limy

    Love for Buzzy😍😍😍😍

  • Adam Shariff
    Adam Shariff

    He got this

  • graciesmom

    Can't wait to see this.

  • Pete Martin
    Pete Martin

    dude Buzzy actually wants this. he gets my vote.

    • Sam Dance
      Sam Dance

      Him or Ken Jennings

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    The ToC Buzzy won was definitely the best one.

  • ted kaczynski
    ted kaczynski

    Remove this clown. Stop ruining Trebek's Jeopardy.

    • The Legend Of Dylan
      The Legend Of Dylan

      @irene revelle What a weird hill to die on.

    • irene revelle
      irene revelle

      @The Legend Of Dylan Not interested iin watching jeporady anymore this guy is a joke.

    • The Legend Of Dylan
      The Legend Of Dylan

      Or maybe marilyn manson?

    • The Legend Of Dylan
      The Legend Of Dylan

      Who would you want as the next jeopardy host? Joe Rogan?

    • The Legend Of Dylan
      The Legend Of Dylan

      Not sure I agree with that. I mean, who else would they put to fill the role of Trebek? I think it's nice of them to have all these guest hosts who've always wanted to host Jeopardy. And most of these celebrity hosts have been former jeopardy players themselves.

  • The Weyser Man is Back
    The Weyser Man is Back

    Buzzy, that "Coordinated Intro" called "Robots Take Over JEOPARDY!" is the still the best intro ever, in my opinion. Best of luck to you in guest hosting the Tournament of Champions.

  • chad ho
    chad ho

    Buzzy Cohen pressure meet you.

  • Charles Lumia
    Charles Lumia

    Good luck buddy! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome

  • Matt Hartley Jr.
    Matt Hartley Jr.

    No matter the host the ToC is ALWAYS a great time on Jeopardy each time they have it😀🎉🙌💜

  • Christopher Kraft
    Christopher Kraft

    Buzzy is great, you will do a fantastic job hosting the Tournament Of Champions!!! 👍👍

  • Chris Finch
    Chris Finch

    Buzzy Cohen, from Tournament of Champions Winner to Guest-Hosting this year’s Tournament of Champions. What more can you ask for? He will do great! Good luck, Buzzy!

  • Kyle Baxter
    Kyle Baxter

    I believe in Buzzy. He is going to deliver amazingly for Tournament of Champions.

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